Safety & security

From driving while pregnant to driving with road rage, how to stay safe and secure behind the wheel.

    Car security

    Quick and easy ways to discourage thieves from targeting both your car and the valuables kept in it.

    Child car seats: safety advice and top tips

    Not sure which car seat to buy? This guide will help you make the right decision.

    Don't drink and drive

    There's no excuse – if you're caught driving over the limit, you'll face major consequences.

    Driving while pregnant

    It's fine to drive when pregnant, but here's some tips to keep you and your bump comfortable.

    Five times not to use the hard shoulder

    Only stop on the hard shoulder in an emergency – and feeling a bit peckish isn't an emergency.

    Guide to UK driving laws

    A handy guide to keep you on the right side of the law, whether you’re new to the road or a seasoned pro.

    Keyless car theft

    The rise in car thefts has been linked to organised gangs using advanced technology to remotely steal cars with keyless systems.

    Road and car safety for kids

    From crossing the road to belting up, here's some tips on keeping your little ones safe.

    Top tips for travelling with pets

    A calm and comfortable dog means a calm and safe driver. How to keep your pooch happy in the car.

    Last modified: 9:37 AM - 21 February, 2023