Buying, selling & maintaining your car

Buying a car's a big decision, and once you have it, you'll want to look after it. Here's all you need to know.

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    Car servicing and maintenance checklist

    How to save money and take care of your car yourself – and when to call in the professionals.

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    How is car insurance calculated?

    Insurers consider a whole host of factors when calculating premiums. Which factors are within your control? And which ones are not.

    How to check tyre pressure

    Shoddy tyres cause a lot of motoring injuries, so it's essential you know how to look after them.

    How to sell your car

    Stay safe and savvy when it comes to advertising and selling your car.

    Negotiating a part exchange

    A part exchange can save you time and hassle. But to get the best deal, do your homework.

    Understanding warning lights

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    What is a car warranty?

    A car warranty might sound like a good idea, but do you need it and how do you pick one?