What to expect when making a claim

Every claim's different, so even if you've claimed before you may find it stressful, with lots of information to take in.

    What to expect when making a claim

    How soon can I get back on the road?

    What if someone else is involved?

    What if my car can't be repaired?

    How will claiming affect my insurance?

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I make a claim for my windscreen?

    Will a windscreen claim affect my no claims discount?

    How do I protect my no claims discount?

    If my vehicle is written off will my policy be cancelled?

    What's an uninsured loss?

    How can I claim for my uninsured losses?

    I've had a claim. Can I add protection to my no claims discount if I pay the difference?

    Is my child seat or booster seat covered?

    Can I claim for any personal belongings damaged in this incident?

    Can I claim for onward transport or overnight accommodation?

    How big is the courtesy car?

    What claims do I need to tell you about