Hastings Direct youdrive app screen shown on a mobile phone.

Good driver? Get the price you deserve

YouDrive looks at your actual driving style. So you'll get a great price on day one and as long as you drive well, you'll keep getting great prices every year.

Why choose YouDrive?

Most insurance is based on your answers to a bunch of questions. But shouldn't how you drive play a part in what you pay too? We think so. With YouDrive, good driving helps you get a better price on your insurance this year, next year and every year.


  • 60 second set-up
  • Works automatically
  • No time of day penalties.

Great value

  • Great price today
  • Ongoing low prices for good drivers.

You're in control

  • See the data we see
  • Manage your policy in the app
  • Helps protect against fraudulent claims.

How do you set up

How do you get the most out of YouDrive?

It's easy to get going with YouDrive

You can start driving straight away. Then, when your tab arrives, here's what to do…

Mobile phone screen showing a map within the app.

1Download the app

Download the Hastings Direct app to your smartphone. It only uses a small amount of battery and you can save data by using wi-fi only sharing.

YouDrive tab with keyfob and key.

2Set up the wireless tab

When your little tab arrives (it's about the same size as your keyfob), pop it in your car and pair it with your smartphone.

Red car on an angle with Hastings Direct number plate.


You'll see exactly how you're doing in the Hastings Direct app, with your app and tab picking up things like speeding and using your phone while driving.

You'll see it all in the app

We'll post your tab to you and once it arrives, the app will guide you through a simple pairing process to connect it to your phone.

Your driving data will be stored securely in the app. Your dashboard will show a snapshot of your driving, including your most recent trips and how you compare with other drivers.

You'll also find detailed driving data on your trips, and hints and tips on how to improve your score.

App store logo. Google play logo.
Mobile phone with app information displayed on screen.

The benefits of YouDrive

Ongoing great prices for good drivers
24/7 accident support
See how you're driving in the app
Courtesy car included with comprehensive cover
Easily manage your policy in the Hastings Direct app
Uninsured driver promise when you choose comprehensive cover

Still have questions?

How can I buy a YouDrive policy?

You can buy a YouDrive policy directly from us or through a price comparison website. Make sure you read and agree to our terms and conditions and, if you'd like to go ahead, follow the instructions to pay.

Do I have to turn on the app every time I get in the car?

No, as long as your Bluetooth and location services are on, and you've given the necessary permissions, the app will automatically record your journeys. Just make sure you always have your phone in the car when you're driving.

How much data and battery will the app use?

We've made sure the app's as battery and data-friendly as possible, so you shouldn't see much impact. If you're still concerned about your data, you can change your app settings so that it only uploads your trips when you reach a wi-fi location. If you want to enable this, go to your app's settings, click "Preferences" and turn on "Upload trip data using wi-fi only".

What is the YouDrive tab?

The tab is a small wireless device that connects to your phone through Bluetooth and lets us know when you've started a trip – it also helps make sure your driving data is super-accurate. You'll need to attach the tab to your dashboard or the inside of your windscreen, making sure it doesn't obstruct your view, and always have your phone in the car when you're driving.

How do I set up the tab?

Your tab is sent to you in the post, along with instructions on how to set it up. When it arrives, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Hastings Direct app to your phone.
  2. When you're in your vehicle, follow the instructions provided to pair the app to your tab.
  3. Stick the tab to your windscreen or dashboard, making sure it doesn't obstruct your view.

You don't have to wait for the tab to arrive to start driving, you can do this as soon as your policy starts. But once you're all set up, you'll be able to see your driving score.

What are the main types of driving information I will share with you?

Phone use – Using your mobile phone while driving is extremely dangerous. The app will pick up if you're using your phone and this will impact your score. If you need to take a call, have hands-free calling turned on or even better pull over as using hands free still acts as a distraction. Or if you're using maps, put your phone in a cradle. Don't let passengers use your phone either, as this will also affect your score.

Speed – If you go over the speed limit, this will be picked up by the app, so make sure to keep an eye out for road signs and always know what the speed limit is.

Braking – The app will pick up any hard or fast stops, so allow yourself enough time to brake. Keep to the speed limit and maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front.

Acceleration – If you accelerate too quickly when getting up to speed, this will be picked up by the app. Accelerating slowly and smoothly will show you're in control of your car.

Cornering – If you make any quick, sharp turns these will show up on your journeys so make sure to allow yourself plenty of time and space before you turn.

Do you share my data with the police?

No, we would only do this if we are requested by law, linked to a criminal case.

What happens if I'm a passenger in my own or someone else's vehicle?

If you're a passenger in your own vehicle, you'll need to select the passenger option in the app. If you're a passenger in someone else's vehicle, you don't need to do anything, as the app will only record data if you're in your own vehicle.

Will my named drivers get a score?

No, we won't score named drivers and they don't need to download the app, but we do use data from the tab, so if someone else is driving it may impact your price.

What's a good driving score?

We're not looking for perfect, just above a score of 30 - if you're in the green zone you'll see this in the app - that means you're doing well!

What happens if my driving score gets low?

Within the app, you'll notice three different colour zones so you can easily see how you're driving. If you're in the Green zone, that means your score is 40 or above and you're doing great. If it's in the amber zone your score's between 31 and 40 which means you need to improve. If it's in the red zone, your score is 30 or below and the price of your policy may go up. You'll also be at risk of your policy being cancelled, although we'll contact you first and give you plenty of notice if this is going to happen.

Make sure you're following the hints and tips on the Hastings Direct app to keep your score above 30, as well as always sticking to the speed limit and only using your phone in a dock/on hands-free while you're driving.

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