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Tools in transit insurance

At Hastings Direct we understand how valuable the contents of your van can be. That is why we offer policies which include tools in transit cover which insures you against loss, destruction or damage of your tools.

Protecting the tools of your trade

Losing or damaging your tools could leave you unable to work and out of pocket. With this in mind, we provide tools in transit cover to help protect against these eventualities.

How Hastings Direct can help

Tools in transit cover from Hastings Direct could cover you if your property is lost, destroyed or damaged whilst being loaded upon, carried by, temporarily housed upon or being unloaded from your vehicle. A 24 hour claims line ensures no matter when you lose your tools, your claim can be dealt with quickly.

With Hastings Direct you have the option of adding tools in transit cover to give you either £2,500 or £5,000 worth of cover, depending on which option suits you best.

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