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Something happened?

Whether you want to start a new claim or tell us about an accident, just give us a call.

Need help fast?

As you may know, global supply issues are affecting the whole country. This is slowing down availability of vehicle parts and paint, so repairs are taking longer than normal. We're very sorry about this - we're working hard to stop this affecting you as best we can.

To help those most in need, we're prioritising vehicles that can't be driven until fixed. We can usually book these in for repair within a week, but please bear with us if it takes a little longer. If you can still drive your vehicle, it may take around four weeks before it can be repaired (depending on where you are in the country).

Our claims and engineering teams are incredibly busy, so you may find delays when contacting them. Please be reassured, we're working around the clock to support you.

Track an existing claim

Policy underwritten by Advantage? Track an existing claim.

AXA: 0330 159 1921

Covea: 01422 286185

Sabre: 0330 024 4700

If you don't know who you're insured with, details can be found in your policy documents or in MyAccount.