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First time bike insurance

Choose bike insurance from Hastings Direct as a first time rider. Our first time bike insurance cover will ensure you're covered so you can focus on enjoying the experience of the open road and riding your first motorbike.

Statistically, younger riders are much more likely to have an accident and make a claim than their older peers, and as a result often face higher premiums.

While there is nothing you can do about your age, there are a few things you can do to prove your proficiency on the road. As you gain experience, you will no longer be seen as a first time rider and may find the cost of your bike insurance decreases over time.

First time riders: Tips for lowering bike insurance premiums

Consider the size of your engine

In the UK, a learner motorcycle has an engine up to 125 cc and a power output not exceeding 11 kiloWatt (kW). Once you pass, a smaller engine can reflect a more responsible attitude so it may cost you less in bike insurance premiums.

Maintain a clean driving record

You wouldn't want to increase your bike insurance premiums any more as a first time rider, so try to keep a clean licence and a good riding record. Within two or more years, you might notice a reduction on future premiums, which could open the doors to a world of bigger and more exciting bikes.

Keep learning

As with many things in life, further training can work wonders. If you want to demonstrate your maturity as a rider, the DSA Certificate of Competence — Enhanced Rider Bonus can prove your proficiency. Not only that, but it will make you a better rider and keep you safe when you're on your bike.

Take care of your bike

If you keep your bike in a garage overnight and have it fitted with security systems and locks, you will further demonstrate that you're a responsible first time rider. You'll not only keep your bike safe — this could have a positive effect on your insurance premiums as well.

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