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The great school run debate

Have you ever parked on a double yellow line in the rush to drop your kids off at school? Or how about blocking someone's driveway?

A child driving a car.

We've all been there — you're running late, the school bell has already rung and there's no where to park… What do you do? Drive around and around looking for a suitable space or just pull up and run?

Since the start of the new school term, complaints about parking on junctions, roundabouts and driveways have filled the press — and this behaviour has led to staff, members of the council and the police having to patrol certain schools around the country.

Parking in non-designated areas can cause danger for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and children. So next time you head out to pick up the kids, keep these top tips from IAMRoadSmart in mind…

  1. Give yourself plenty of time then you can make sure you don't get behind the wheel in a rushed state of mind.
  2. Consider how you park and don't obstruct crossings, no-waiting zones or block residents in — think about how you'd feel if you lived there.
  3. Be alert and keep an eye out for blind spots. Children can be unpredictable and are more interested in their friends than your car.
  4. If you see a child on a bicycle, slow down — give them plenty of space, or, if in doubt, just wait.
  5. There's a reason why school zones have lower speed limits so just remember that 20 is plenty, no matter how much of a rush you're in.

Have you experienced school run road rage, either as a parent or a resident?

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