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Six ways to stop summer thieves

Did you know that 7th July is the third worst day of the year for burglaries, with break-ins on this day up 12%? Summertime (hopefully) brings with it some glorious sunshine, just like the recent mini heatwave, but when you're catching some rays, make sure a burglar isn't catching you out, too.


Not only has there been an increase in thefts of valuable rare plants recently, but homeowners can also lose a fortune's worth of garden equipment, not to mention BBQs, bikes and more.

So what can you do? Follow our top tips and make sure your home's safe and secure this summer.

1. Boundaries

Growing spiky or thick hedges, such as holly or conifers, are great deterrents for your garden as they're difficult to get through. Fitting trellis on top of your fence, as long as it's not as tall as 2m, will also improve security as it won't be able to support the weight of a human.

2. Gravel

Having gravel paths or a gravel driveway will instantly deter thieves as the noise will alert home-owners or neighbours.

3. Plants

Even if you don't have rare plants, you might have valuable mature specimens so invest in the heaviest pots or use a specialist land anchor for expensive trees and shrubs.

4. Shed

The shed's where we keep most of our expensive garden equipment so keep it secure with strong hinges and a good padlock. It might also be worth fitting a battery operated alarm or extending your house alarm.

5. Front garden

To make sure intruders don't have a place to hide, keep hedges and fences in your front garden low — 1m's ideal.

Make sure any padlocked gates you have are as strong as your fence and use locks on the top and bottom with the hinges fixed to a gatepost so the gate can't be lifted off the hinges.

6. Lighting

One of the best deterrents is to have motion sensor lights at both the front and back of your house. It may also be worth investing in CCTV. Systems you can monitor from your mobile are a great way of keeping track on the security of your home while you're away.

Is your home insurance up to date? Make sure your belongings are protected for, both inside and out, by talking to Hastings Direct today.