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Hastings Direct news: safety and speeding

Safety and speeding feature highly in the news this week as safety concerns are raised over all-lane running motorways and a speeding campaign is launched in Scotland. Plus, we take a look some of the UK's strangest home insurance claims.

Speeding campaign launched by Police Scotland

Speed camera.

Police Scotland has launched a week-long campaign targeting speeding motorists.

The aim of the campaign, which runs until May 9, is to educate motorists and other road users about the "potentially devastating effects" of speeding.

Reducing the number of people who are killed and injured in road accidents is one of the top priorities, Police Scotland said.

The campaign will also be used to discuss speed and other road safety issues with vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists.

According to the head of road policing for Police Scotland, chief superintendent Andy Edmonston, accidents injured more than 3,300 vulnerable road users in 2014, and claimed the lives of 95, representing nearly half the total number of road fatalities.

Concerns raised over safety of all-lane motorways

Motorway speeding.

Emergency and breakdown recovery services have voiced safety concerns over the use of 'all-lane running' across the UK's major roads network.

The scheme was initially piloted on a stretch of the M42, with 'smart' sections of motorway now on the M1, M4, M5, M6 and M25.

Speaking at the Transport Committee evidence session in April, Metropolitan Police Service traffic management officer, Simon Wickenden, revealed the risk of collision for a stationary vehicle broken down on an all-lane-running motorway increases by 200%.

The RAC and the AA also raised safety concerns at the committee meeting.

Strangest home insurance claims

Cow-related shed damage?

Huffington Post UK has rounded up 10 of the strangest claims submitted on home insurance policies.

  1. Cow-related shed damage.
  2. £400 worth of baby-related computer damage.
  3. TV damaged by the family dog getting upset at hearing another dog barking on the TV.
  4. A pool cover needed to be replaced after a deer tried to escape after falling into the covered pool.
  5. Shed damage after a badger became trapped and used its impressive teeth and claws to escape.
  6. A Devon dairy farmer needed his phone to be replaced after using it as a torch while one of his cows gave birth in the middle of the night.
  7. A TV had to be replaced after a man was cleaning his bearded dragon's vivarium, got bitten and staggered backwards into his TV.
  8. A holiday cottage in Devon needed its kitchen redecorated as a result of guests bringing the BBQ inside due to rain.
  9. Enthusiastic siblings got carried away playing with their Nintendo Wii and threw their controllers through their £1,000 TV.
  10. A woman reported a lost mobile phone, then called back a few hours later to say she'd found it on the middle shelf of her fridge.

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