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Hastings Direct news: Risks and repairs

Risks and repairs are key themes in the news this week. The first story shows that half of UK drivers believe those over 70 should retake their driving test. Meanwhile, tests in Germany have highlighted a major security risk in cars with keyless technology. And new research by Kwik Fit revealed last year's pothole repair bill for drivers hit £684m.

Half of UK drivers think over-70s should be required to retake driving test


A Freedom of Information request has revealed 17,000 drivers aged 70 or over had their driving licence revoked or refused as a result of a medical condition in the last year.

Half of drivers in the UK are calling for a change to the law that would result in drivers over a certain age being required to retake driving tests before they were allowed back behind the wheel, The Western Daily Press reported.

What's more, a survey by found more than a fifth (21%) believes it should be a requirement for all drivers to retake their driving test every 10 years.

It is a legal requirement for older drivers to declare whether they are fit to drive and current law states drivers aged 70 and over must renew their licence every three years.

According to DVLA figures, there are more than 4.5 million drivers over the age of 70 on the road.

Tests highlight major security risk in keyless cars

parking charges.

Owners of cars with keyless technology are being warned to be more vigilant following tests conducted by the German automotive organisation ADAC.

According to Auto Express, 24 different vehicles with keyless technology from 19 different manufacturers were tested by the German vehicle experts.

The use of an "easily built" electronic device could allow thieves to bypass the central locking of every single vehicle, the tests revealed.

Electronic immobilisers used by 26 manufacturers are vulnerable to hacking, meaning more than 100 models are at risk, a report found last year.

ADAC commented: "Owners of cars with keyless locking systems should exercise increased vigilance in the storage of the key."

"It's the duty of all car manufacturers to get rid of this problem. It makes no sense that this more expensive locking system is way easier to break into than the normal one."

UK drivers hit by £684m pothole repair bill


The pothole damage repair bill for UK drivers hit £684m last year, the latest research from Kwik Fit reveals.

According to the research, 6.3 million drivers suffered pothole damage last year and an average of £108.60 was paid out for repairs to tyres, wheels, suspension, exhaust or other bodywork.

The region found to have the greatest collective financial impact was the South East, with drivers having to pay an astounding £108,149,130 to repair pothole damage. Drivers in London followed, with potholes causing a total of £91,368,450 worth of damage.

What's more, the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey showed motorists are burdened with the majority of this financial cost.

According to the survey, while £13.5m has been paid out in compensation in England and Wales, this accounts for just 2.1% of the total cost of damage.

Kwik Fit's communications director, Roger Griggs, encouraged drivers to report any potholes. He also warned that the damage doesn't always appear immediately, so drivers should check wheels and tyres in the days after hitting a pothole.

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