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Remember, remember… tips for hosting a safe fireworks party

If you're hosting Bonfire Night at your house this year, chances are you're planning to put on a spectacular fireworks display for your family and friends.

Fireworks party.

Of course, handling and lighting anything loaded with gunpowder in your back garden can be dangerous. That's why we've put together some top tips to help you host a fun, safe fireworks display that will go off with a safe bang!

1. Choose fireworks to fit your garden

It sounds obvious, but you should only buy fireworks suitable for the size of your garden. You need to be certain your garden has enough space to host the display. You should keep a minimum distance of five metres between the fireworks and your spectators if it's a small garden display but the ideal amount of space will depend on the size of the fireworks you're using.

2. Take care during transit

Fireworks don't just pose a risk once they're lit. You need to make sure you transport them safely from shop to house, which involves:

  • Buying only from a legitimate retailer
  • Ensuring the fireworks conform to British Standard Kitemark BS7114
  • Removing spare containers filled with flammable liquid from your car (i.e. fuel cans)
  • Buying in sealed, full packs whenever possible
  • Using a plastic storage box for individual fireworks, and placing in the boot
  • Refraining from smoking in the car.

3. Be savvy with storage

If your fireworks party isn't for a few days, it's vital the fireworks are stored in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight. If you have kids or pets, keep fireworks well out of their reach, too.

4. Read, and re-read the instructions

Every firework comes with its own set of instructions. These should be read well in advance of party night, not by torchlight seconds before lighting them! If you want to give the guidelines a final check over before lighting, then do so.

5. Nominate one person

Lighting fireworks should be a one-person job. If you've nominated yourself for the role, here's how to stay safe:

  • Wear gloves and protect your eyes
  • Don't drink alcohol until after the display
  • Light fireworks at arm's length with a taper
  • Light one firework at a time
  • Stand well back from the firework once lit
  • Store fireworks in a metal container
  • NEVER return to a firework once it's been lit
  • Use gloves and tongs to dispose of spent fireworks.

6. Keep kids far away

When the firework display is in full swing, young children should be supervised at all times – never let them near the fireworks. If you've bought some sparklers for them, make sure they wear gloves and supervise them at all times. Have a bucket of cold water on standby to dunk the sparklers in once they've fizzled out.

7. Stop, drop, roll

In the unlikely event a sparkler, candle or bonfire causes someone's clothes to catch alight, remember the golden rule:

  • STOP where you are
  • DROP to the floor
  • ROLL in order to put out the flame.

While these tips will help you to host a safe fireworks party, accidents can still happen, which is why you need to protect your home and your belongings with quality home insurance. Get a quote with Hastings Direct today.