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Hastings Direct news: positive start to the year

Motorists saw a positive start to the New Year with the price of diesel dropping to under £1 per litre. This will undoubtedly bring some welcome savings after the festive period. However, while UK car crime rate has reached a 20-year low, there are warnings thieves are working on new ways to force entry. Also, authorities in Avon and Somerset have reported an increase in the number of drivers taking courses instead of points. We end this week's round-up with Autoglass' list of peculiar customer claims they received in the last year.

Diesel prices drop below £1 per litre


With the price of diesel dropping to under £1 a litre, diesel drivers could rejoice in some post-Christmas savings, Auto Express reports.

With Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco cutting the cost to below £1pl, the price for diesel has is now the cheapest it has been since 2009.

Motorists across the country can access the cheaper diesel prices thanks to the participating supermarkets having a collective total of nearly 1,500 forecourts.

The drop in the trading price for oil and the Chancellor's frozen fuel duty are key factors which have contributed to the reduction in price.

Diesel drivers could possibly look forward to these savings lasting until March, when the budget is set to be revised.

"This is great news for diesel drivers and kicks off 2016 on a really positive note. We hope that this will help motorists to balance their budgets in the quieter period after Christmas and New Year," Sainsbury's head of fuel, Avishai Moor said.

UK car crime rate reaches 20-year low

car crime.

There has been an 80% decrease in vehicle break-ins and theft, a Home Office study found. As a result, the UK car crime rate is the lowest for 20 years.

For every 1,000 vehicles on the road in 1993, figures showed there were around 20 vehicles thefts and 40 car break-ins, whereas the report shows today there only 10 broken into and three vehicles stolen for every 1,000.

While the technologies of anti-theft devices, such as steering locks and car immobilisers, are seen as a main cause of the decline, the government warns criminals will be committing vehicle crimes in new ways.

"Vehicle crime is changing and the criminals that would have simply used a coat hanger to steal a car in the 1980s are now working on new ways of committing crime, and we are committed to stopping them," UK minister for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Victims, Mike Penning, said.

Increase in motorists choosing course over points in Avon and Somerset

Driving course.

Figures have revealed that more than 138,000 motorists took speed awareness courses in Avon and Somerset in the last five years.

The data also shows that between April 2014 and March 2015, there was a huge increase of people attending speed awareness courses in the area with the 51,932 compared to the 38,456 in the previous year.

"There is evidence that drivers who attend the sessions are three times less likely to speed in the future," a spokesman for TTC Group, the company in charge of running the courses, said.

The amount of drivers being sent to Driver Alertness Courses in the area has also seen an increase. Motorists who have committed a traffic offence or been involved in an 'at fault' collision are offered these courses by the police.

"The problem of speeding traffic remains one of our communities' main concerns. The Road Safety Unit and Avon and Somerset Police receive a high number of complaints about speeding vehicles," a police spokesman revealed.

UFO damaged my windscreen — Autoglass lists wacky customer claims


While warning drivers to take care when warming their windscreens in the winter weather, Autoglass also listed the weirdest ways customers have claimed their windscreens got damaged:

  1. Two quarrelling squirrels using conkers as ammunition
  2. An elusive high-pitched noise that cracked the screen, set off car alarms, and even turned off a nearby television.
  3. An airborne trampoline
  4. A seemingly harmless teddy bear
  5. An overweight uncle getting into the car
  6. A donkey
  7. A bow and arrow
  8. A bee
  9. What appeared to be a UFO
  10. A kangaroo — in Australia

It just goes to prove, a windscreen can suffer damage anywhere, anyhow

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