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Most congested city

It's probably fair to say that we've only noticed a recent rise in road traffic, but what's the most congested city? This week's news also looks at how people feel about sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles, as well as how much homeowners understand their home insurance.

London becomes Europe's most congested city

Traffic in London.

Analysis conducted by traffic information company Inrix has revealed that road traffic congestion in the UK has grown 40% in the last four years.

This increase in traffic has led to the average time spent in rush hour traffic rising by 12.4 hours per year when compared to 2012. But those in the capital are facing even worse traffic. In London, the average annual time spent in traffic has soared to 101 hours per year. This represents an increase of 40.3% when compared to the 2012 average of 72 hours.

London's growing congestion has resulted in it becoming the most congested city in Europe, overtaking last year's number one, Brussels.

But it isn't just motorists that are feeling the impact of the road traffic. On London's busiest roads, the average speed of buses was found to be 3.8mph. This is only slightly quicker than the average walking speed of an adult, which is 3.1mph.

Half of drivers feel uncomfortable sharing roads with self-driving cars

A new study by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Goodyear has found out how drivers feel about sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles (AVs).

According to the research, more than half (55%) of the approximately 1,500 UK survey respondents said they would feel uncomfortable driving alongside AVs.

This was above the 39% average of the 10 other European countries questioned.

While more than a quarter (28%) of UK respondents said they would feel comfortable sharing the roads with self-driving cars, over half (55%) said they would also feel uncomfortable using an autonomous vehicle.

When asked what their main concerns were, the overwhelming majority (83%) cited the fear that "autonomous cars could malfunction".

It's perhaps not surprising, then, that almost two thirds (64%) of drivers in the UK believe humans should be in control of their vehicles as a point of principle.

How well do homeowners understand home insurance?

Is home insurance too confusing?

A new nationwide survey by UKDN Waterflow has revealed that 85% of property owners are confused by their level of cover and what it includes.

What's more, in total, more than three quarters (78%) of owners and renters feel home insurance is too complicated, with over two fifths (42%) of renters citing this.

The survey highlighted just how little people understand the home insurance policies they have purchased.

Of those who have insurance, two thirds (66%) said they were "not at all confident" that they had an understanding of what their policy entails.

When it came to home owners that have buildings insurance which covers drainage problems, only 13% were very confident in understanding what their policy entails.

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