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How to keep the spiders out!

There's a lot to love about the autumn; the colours, the crisp afternoon walks, the cosy nights spent by the fire.

A spider in a web.

But, it's also around this time every year where homes are invaded by hordes of unwelcome, eight-legged creatures. Yes, we're talking about spiders.

As we head into the shorter and colder days, the spider mating season begins. This means many of those invading arachnids are actually males looking for that special spider someone.

While some people are nonchalant about sharing space with creepy crawlies, many others would shriek at the sight of a spider scuttling across their floor. So, if you fit in the latter category, here are some top tips to banish spiders from your abode:

  • Use caulk to seal big gaps in closed doors and windows, and apply to wires, taps, cables and electrical components, as they all run to the outdoors.
  • Don't leave outdoor lights on as they'll attract flies, moths and other pests, in turn enticing spiders to come into your home looking for a tasty treat.
  • If you have a serious spider issue, consider removing vegetation close to your home and replanting it further away. Shrubs, trees and plants make perfect homes for spiders, but it's possible that they'll crawl into your house seeking warmth or food.
  • Keep your home spick and span, don't leave food or dirty dishes lying around, and regularly vacuum your floors and wipe down counters. A dirty house will attract pests, which in turn will attract spiders.
  • Vacuum spiders, webs and egg sacs as soon as you notice them. You can use a broom, but it's easier for spiders to escape between the bristles.
  • Lay down glue traps to catch jumping spiders and house spiders, placing them in dark corners, in wardrobes, underneath furniture, and near windows and doors. Obviously, this isn't going to help you get rid of spider webs and eggs, so you'll have to use the traps alongside other techniques.
  • Many homeowners have found that conkers are good spider deterrents. Place them in corners of your home and anywhere you regularly notice spiders; and pierce the conkers to release their odour.
  • If you'd rather find a more peaceful way of evicting them, the tried and tested glass and piece of card is best.

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