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Driving safe

Driving on your own in the daylight can give you a sense of freedom — you can listen to the music you like and don't have to worry about any back-seat drivers. But this freeing feeling can fly out the window after dark.

As the nights are getting darker earlier, motorists are spending more and more time driving in the dark.

If you're worried about driving on your own in the winter months, here's some advice to help you feel safer on your journeys:

Have confidence in your car

Driving at night.

Breaking down on a cold and wet evening in the winter doesn't even bear thinking about.

According to the AA, most breakdowns can be avoided or, at the very least, the risk can be significantly reduced if you regularly check your car and have it serviced.

Knowing that you've checked your car is in good working order can help give you peace of mind when you set off by yourself.

Know where you're going

You can't always avoid driving an unfamiliar route, but planning the journey, sticking to main roads, and using a sat-nav can help make sure you don't get lost. It's also worth keeping an atlas in your car, just in case.

Stopping for police

While you must stop for police, you are allowed to ask for identification through a closed window, with your engine running until you feel happy.


If you're heading somewhere new and need to park, look for the 'Park Mark' logo as these are part of the Safer Parking Scheme.

If the only parking available is on the street, find a busy, well-lit parking place.

When returning to your car, have your car keys ready and only unlock it when you're close to the car.