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News weekly update: driving abroad and holidays

Recently we've been looking at holidays and how driving abroad can impact UK motorists and how your summer holiday can also impact your home insurance. In this post, we've found some more research to be aware of, for your car and home, if you've been out and about this summer.

¼ of UK motorists admit their driving's dangerous when abroad

A car by the sea.

Whether it's your first time or you've done it many times before, driving abroad can be a daunting experience. And you're not alone.

A recent survey conducted by Continental Tyres has revealed over half of UK motorists feel nervous when driving overseas.

But, more than a quarter of the 2,000 British drivers questioned admitted their nerves make them dangerous on the roads.

While holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxation, a third of British motorists revealed they had been involved in a road incident while abroad. This included being involved in traffic accidents and being booked by the police.

Despite nervousness being common among motorists driving abroad, it seems many didn't think of ways to make themselves feel more confident, as seven in 10 of those questioned said they don't research the traffic laws before they drive in a different country.

British drivers could be driving overseas illegally

Over the last few years, there's been in big increase in drivers opting for car leasing deals.

In fact, two thirds of all the cars purchased in 2015 were bought via Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) schemes.

The popularity of car leasing could see many owners of leased cars be in breach of their contract if they drive abroad this summer.

Leaseplan UK suggests there could be thousands of UK motorists driving abroad that are unaware of the rules and regulations that comply with EU legislation.

The leasing company is actually the legal owner of the vehicle, so it must be notified if the driver of a leased vehicle intends to take the car overseas.

In order to legally drive their car abroad, drivers must obtain a Vehicle on Hire (VE103) certificate to replace the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) and a letter with written permission to drive the car abroad prior to travelling.

How to keep your home secure and reduce insurance costs

Home insurance might not be the most fun way to spend money but it's certainly one of the most sensible. But, there are some things you can do to make your house more secure and keep insurance costs down:

Meet the neighbours

While you might worry about nosy neighbours, living in an area with a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can be seen as being safer.

Fit a burglar alarm

Paying in the short term could save you in the long term as an alarm that's NACOSS approved could help cut your home insurance by 7.5%.

Don't estimate

Work out how much your contents are worth to make sure you're properly protected and are paying the right amount.

Other lifestyle habits such as being a non-smoker and being married can also impact your home insurance and, ultimately, help drive down costs.

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