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Hastings Direct news: covering the little things

Did you know that when you refer to Mother's Day, you're actually referring to the American holiday annually celebrated on the second Sunday of May? Numerous countries have a day dedicated to celebrating mums or maternal figures, but they all have different dates.

Mothering Sunday gifts.

In the UK, Mothering Sunday is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In case you need an easy way to remember when it is, this makes it always exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. In 2016, Mothering Sunday is on Sunday 6 March.

Mothering Sunday has long been associated with family and mothers. Laetare Sunday — the middle of Lent — was a day people spent returning to their 'mother' church. It would often be a chance for children working away from home to return and spend the day with their mums.

After campaigning for an official day to honour mothers in America crossed over to the UK in the early 1900s, it became a national celebration by the 1950s.

According to Rakuten, consumers in the UK now tend to spend three times as much on Mother's Day than they do on Father's Day.

But sometimes it's not about money — it's the little things that matter most. Sometimes a precious family picture or a piece of jewellery engraved with a special message is just as treasured as a larger, more expensive gift. But then again, what if you want to push the boat out? Perhaps you'd like to buy your mum some new baking accessories so she can give Mary Berry a run for her money? Or maybe you want get her a new tablet to help you keep in touch if you're far away? Or treat her to a designer handbag that she can use for special occasions?

Let be honest, updating an insurance policy isn't going to be anyone's first thought when getting a gift, but if you're pushing the boat out, or if your family have treated you to something extra special, it might be something you need to think of.

Having valuable items lost, stolen or damaged can be a very stressful experience so it's best to get them covered right from the start.

You can ask for valuables to be recorded as specific items on your existing home contents insurance policy, in which case you can state whether you would like cover away from home. Or, you can get individual cover for pieces that exceed the single item limit.

Making sure you accurately update your information at each renewal will not only make sure all your valuables are covered but it will also help you to avoid being underinsured. The price of gold has recently risen so if you've not had jewellery valued recently, now is the best time to do it to ensure you've got the right level of cover in place for you.

And if you're still struggling for gift ideas, check out our top five treats for special mums this Mother's Day …

Our top 5 Mother's Day gift ideas …

  1. Jewellery or watch engraved with a personalised message
  2. A picture or painting of all the generations of a family
  3. New technology — phone, tablet, iPod
  4. Baking scales and accessories
  5. Decorative cushion or throw

If you ask most mothers, a day off from having to do any house work, being treated to an extra special home cooked meal and some quality family time is the best gift you can give.