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Life at Hastings Direct: Louis

Louis, HR Administrator

What's it like working at Hastings Direct? We're an agile and fast moving company where Colleagues can contribute and thrive.

Want to know more? We're going to be talking to different people throughout the business to give you a real insight into what it's like to work at Hastings Direct.


Louis joined Hastings Direct in October 2012 as a customer service representative, before moving across to the debt recovery team for about a year. In May 2014, he secured his role in human resources (HR).

His current role requires making sure all payroll related tasks (eg new starters, contract changes and leavers) are completed and finalised on to the payroll system for each pay cut off date. Other duties include communicating with line managers regarding system processes and colleague related matters, and assisting the head of HR operations, HR business partners and advisors.

What do you love about Hastings Direct?

The thing I love about Hastings Direct is the opportunities offered to Colleagues. Until I looked into it, I didn't realise the number of different teams across the company. It helps you to see there isn't always a set career path you have to take.

What attracted you to work at Hastings Direct?

Before I joined Hastings Direct, I was aware that it was one of the larger organisations in the local area. I knew early on, that when I finished college I wanted to gain experience working for an established business.

What would your candidate top tip be?

Understand the role you are going for, research the culture and objectives of the organisation you're applying to work at. This'll help you to be more accurate and relevant with your examples and experiences you talk about at an interview.

What does a day in your role look like?

It's hard to say as no two days are exactly the same. On many occasions you can plan to do one thing but end up doing something completely different.

My current role requires me to be flexible with my workload but prioritise tasks based on deadlines and cut off dates. All tasks require a great deal of communication with Colleagues, both inside and outside of the human resources (HR) team.

What's the main perk of your role?

One of the perks of my role is I'm able to meet most Colleagues who join the business each week. Being primarily responsible for the company new starter process, I'm able to help new Colleagues in the early stages of their employment. This then means I can build good lasting relationships with them from day one.

What did you do before you joined Hastings Direct?

Before I joined Hastings Direct, I was studying for my A Levels at college and working part time at a retail shop in Hastings town centre.

How has your career developed whilst at Hastings Direct?

So far my career path's been very positive. Before I joined Hastings Direct, I didn't see my career expanding this much or being in the position I am today.

I knew from an early stage I wanted a role that could offer me an opportunity to study and gain additional qualifications. After just 18 months in retail operations, I was successful in my application to work in human resources (HR). Two years later I now have a CIPD diploma and lots of opportunities to progress in the future.

While I figure out my continued career path I know I have many possibilities and the opportunity to try different things along the way.