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Life at Hastings Direct: Kieran

Kieran, Team Leader

What's it like working at Hastings Direct? We're an agile and fast moving company where Colleagues can contribute and thrive.

Want to know more? We're going to be talking to different people throughout the business to give you a real insight into what it's like to work at Hastings Direct.


Kieran joined Hastings Direct over a year ago starting out a team leader in customer services. He now has a role overseeing the academy teams in Leicester. Kieran is accountable for getting all of the agents' upskilled to be able to succeed on the floor while embedding our values and culture.

What do you love about Hastings Direct?

My values and the values of Hastings Direct are completely in sync. The people at this company are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. The environment and culture's great. To sum it up, I'm respected, adequately challenged, paid well and cared for.

What attracted you to work at Hastings Direct?

Being part of something huge from the very start. To be able to create and mould a culture where our agents can thrive, develop and enjoy coming to work while achieving results.

What would your candidate top tip be?

Be yourself and try to relax. We're looking for people with a positive can do attitude and good people skills.

What does a day in your role look like?

The beauty of my role is that no day's the same. I look after the academy teams and coaches so my priorities are to make sure the customer representatives get the skills they need to succeed, while the coaches are supported to help them in their role.

What's the main perk of your role?

As academy leader I get to meet everyone who comes through our doors and it's an absolute pleasure to show our new Colleagues the "Hastings Way".

What did you do before you joined Hastings Direct?

I worked as a team leader at British Gas in their multimedia team.

How has your career developed while at Hastings Direct?

From leading a customer service team, I'm now looking after the academy teams in Leicester as part of my development towards a permanent contact centre leader (CCL) role. The support and direction I've been given by the senior leadership team has been unwavering. I can't thank them enough.