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Hastings Direct news: car games for the Easter weekend


Thousands of us will be hitting the roads this Easter, with trips to see friends and family over the long weekend. So how do you plan on keeping boredom at bay when you're sat in the inevitable traffic jams?

According to the latest research, one in three children now have their own tablet. While tablets are great for watching films or catching up on TV programmes, downloading some apps before you set off is another great option.

Regardless of the age of your children, you'll be able to find suitable, fun and even educational apps to keep them occupied on the long journey ahead. Here is a small selection of the best apps for children:

  • aMath Numbers Eng is a fun maths-learning game that has a familiar style to the old favourite, Tetris.
  • Little Big Foot is a free interactive children's story app from the App Store that is perfect for toddlers up to the age of five.
  • Mars Pop is a variation of the classic bubble shooter game. With a multiplayer option, this is a great app to keep both your children entertained with one app.
  • Temple Run, enjoyed by kids aged from four upwards, is a free app that will entertain children of all ages.

Visit PC Advisor a full list of the best kids' apps 2016. Always remember to keep an eye on what apps your children are downloading and be cautious of any upgrades as many need to be paid for.

And there's one for the adults, too. If you're feeling competitive, see who is the better driver out of you and your partner by downloading the free Hastings Direct SmartMiles app to monitor your driving. Check the stats when you get back home and find out who really is the best driver in your family!

If you'd rather options the whole family can get involved in, try one (or all!) of these old school car games:

The tin foil challenge

This is a cheap and fun way to get the creativity flowing. Everyone gets just one sheet of tin foil to create their masterpiece and the driver can be the judge when you take a rest break!

Name that tune

Grab a selection of CDs and see just how well you know your favourite tunes by playing just the first few bars of each song. Whoever can name that tune gets a sweet surprise!

Who's next door?

This is the perfect game to play when stuck in a traffic jam. Everyone is assigned a window and takes a sneak peek at the person in the car nearest to them and they decide what they do for a living, their name, where they are going… Try to be as detailed as you can!

The registration plate game

And oldie but a goodie, you each take the letters from the registration plate on the car in front and have to come up with the longest word that uses all the letters. If you've got younger children in the car it can be simplified so everyone gets a point if they're able to come up with any word using the registration plate letters.

With these cool retro game ideas, your Easter journeys will just fly by! And remember, entertainment is important on a long drive, but so are breaks. Be sure to make regular comfort stops so your journey is as safe as possible.

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