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Attractive pedestrians driving young drivers to distraction

Spotted anyone attractive lately? And when you did, were you behind the wheel?

According to road safety charity, Brake, a study of in-vehicle video footage suggests nearly a quarter (22%) of crashes could be caused, at least in part, by the driver getting distracted.

Driver using rear view mirror.

And out of all the young drivers in Europe, aged between 18 and 24, those in the UK are most likely to be distracted by "attractive pedestrians" than anywhere else on the continent.

It's particularly bad news for young men who are three times more likely than young women to be distracted by attractive strangers on the pavement.

The research, conducted by Ford, surveyed 6,500 young drivers across Europe and aimed to find out the biggest distractions for young drivers when they're behind the wheel.

The study also found young drivers become more relaxed about their driving in the summer months, with two thirds of young drivers admitting to being more relaxed.

While this might seem harmless, this increased relaxation could explain why drivers in this age group account for 21% of road incidents during the summer months and only 15% at other times of the year.

But it seems their risky behaviour varies according to who's in the car with them. The study found nearly six in 10 (57%) of young motorists actively drive more safely with parents or grandparents in the car.

Worryingly, they admitted they would take more risks if their friends were their passengers.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are your friends, or attractive strangers, driving you to distraction when you're out and about? Or does your mobile phone pose a greater threat to your concentration? Let us know.

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