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Just another traffic jam?

Terrifying traffic tales

The evenings are getting darker earlier, the weather is starting to turn and people are starting to dust off their broomsticks. Well, maybe not, but after reading these terrifying traffic tales, you might be tempted to get the broomstick out of the cupboard.

So, let's put on our witch's hats and find out what's been terrifying motorists this year.

A spider in a web

How to keep the spiders out!

There's a lot to love about the autumn; the colours, the crisp afternoon walks, the cosy nights spent by the fire.

But, it's also around this time every year where homes are invaded by hordes of unwelcome, eight-legged creatures. Yes, we're talking about spiders.

mmmm chocolate

News weekly update: Car commuting and your health

Your daily car commute could be bad for your health, while thefts of blue badges increases, this week's news explores. And if you're planning on doing some DIY then you might want to consider if it's worth it.

Exhaust emissions

News weekly update: Air pollution

Waiting at traffic lights isn't just an annoyance, it can also leave you in a build-up of air pollution, and this week's news discusses. We'll also look at business concerns for connected cars and the collected worth of possessions students take to university.

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