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Car on the motorway

Should the motorway limit be raised to 80?

It's an idea that's been discussed for some time, but calls to raise the motorway speed limit from 70mph to 80mph have failed to gain momentum.

Five unusual driving laws

Are you breaking these five unusual driving laws?

As a driver, you'll have mastered the basics when it comes to driving laws. However, there are some more unusual rules you may be unaware of – rules you could, in fact, be breaking without even realising.

Blood test

Is a blood test for drowsy drivers a good idea?

After a serious road accident, police forensic teams try to piece together what happened in the moments before the collision. It might be suspected one driver simply wasn't paying attention or had nodded off at the wheel, but without witnesses, this can be hard to prove definitively – until now.

Sun glare

How to deal with sun glare while driving

Drivers have lots of hazards to deal with when they’re out on the road. But there’s one weather condition that can become a big problem in autumn through to early winter: low-lying sun.

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