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Angry driver

Who are the angriest drivers?

The question of who’s angrier on the roads is one that has been debated by many. So, who exactly are the angriest drivers?

We might not have a magic mirror to give us the answer, but a new test seems to have got to the bottom of it, and the outcome might surprise you.

Be clear on driving safely in fog

Now that winter is well and truly here, we can set our minds to enjoying the season by spending guilt-free evenings in front of the fire.

Traffic in London

Most congested city

It’s probably fair to say that we’ve only noticed a recent rise in road traffic, but what’s the most congested city? This week’s news also looks at how people feel about sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles, as well as how much homeowners understand their home insurance.

Driving at night

Driving safe

Driving on your own in the daylight can give you a sense of freedom — you can listen to the music you like and don't have to worry about any back-seat drivers. But this freeing feeling can fly out the window after dark.

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