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An river breaks it's banks

How to protect your home against flooding

We're well into the midst of winter, which means we're also at risk from winter storms. High winds and heavy rain can cause flash flooding which could cause serious damage to your home.

It's a good idea to make sure you're prepared, so you can reduce the impact of the damage.

A bit of a scrape

Parking prangs

Have you ever returned to your car to find it has been hit? If so, you're not alone. New research has revealed a rise in car park related accidents. This week's news also looks at the lack of knowledge of motoring laws and who has been worse hit by the rise in home insurance costs.

Wet weather on the motorway

What to do if your car is aquaplaning

While we can associate winter with cold and snow, winters in the UK tend be full of rainy days rather than snowy ones. The lack of snow may eradicate some risks for drivers, but the rain can present motorists with a whole other host of problems.

Parallel parking animation

Why parking your car has become a tight squeeze

Have you ever struggled to squeeze your car into a space in the car park? Frustrating, isn't it? While this used to be caused by other people's bad parking, it seems it could now be due to the size of the parking space.

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