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Spring clean your garden!

Person using spade to dig up flower beds.

The bitter, winter weather leads many of us to neglect our beloved gardens. And so when spring arrives, they're in a bit of a sorry state.

This season's the perfect time to don your gloves and get to work making your garden look fabulous again. Do all the hard work now and, by summer, you'll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself – here are some top tips:

Prune and plant

Time for some spring landscaping! Early spring's the prime time for pruning dormant flowering and fruiting plants and things like rose bushes, which will encourage blooming and healthy growth. If you feel like your garden could do with some brightening up, why not create some colourful borders? The best spring flowers include things like pansies, tulips, daffodils, 'harmony' or 'tall bearded' irises and grape hyacinth.

Love your lawn

If your patch of grass is balding in some areas, from late March onwards is when you should re-seed. Make sure you prep it by raking fallen leaves and debris, then spreading a thin layer of compost over the top. If there are no bald patches, feed the grass with fertiliser, being sure to dig out any weeds or moss.

Fix up

Fence panel missing? Shed door broken? Greenhouse so grubby you can't see through it? This is your chance to tick off those DIY tasks that have long lingered on your list! It's surprising how a few, small touch-ups can transform a garden, but make sure you start with the most important jobs first. For example, if a broken fence means people outside can peer into your garden, it's time you got it sorted.

Power up

Power washers make light work of cleaning your patio and decking, removing a winter's worth of grub and grime in a matter of minutes. Stain and seal your decking if you want it looking top notch – and if you don't have a power washer, you can easily hire one.

Feed the birds

Birds help to keep your garden as bug-free as possible by eating up hundreds of the pesky critters every day. Invite them to your house with a well-stocked feeder, bird bath and seed and fruit-bearing plants, like honeysuckle and sunflower. On those balmy, summer evenings, you can relax in the garden listening to their beautiful song.

Safety first

Just because it's getting warmer, doesn't mean you should let your home security slip. As you'll be spending more time outdoors, make sure you keep windows and doors shut inside of the house. Also, don't leave expensive items – like lawnmowers or your flashy new BBQ – out on display. Put them in your shed that properly locks, now you've fixed it!

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you'll have a glorious garden you can all enjoy this spring and beyond.

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