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Read our tips and advice on all things relating to your home and how to look after it.

    Do you need to let your insurer know if you're doing building work?

    Planning a home makeover? Find out what you need to tell your home insurance provider as your cover may become invalid.

    Five signs it's time to replace your windows

    Windows play a huge role in your home's insulation and energy efficiency. Is it time to replace your windows?

    How to create a pet friendly home

    Our pets are great company and heaps of fun. If you're about to welcome one into its 'furever' home, here are some tips.

    How to deal with mould and mildew in the bathroom

    Mould and mildew are types of fungi that thrive in moisture-rich areas. Find out how to remove and prevent the fungi.

    How to prevent frozen and burst pipes

    As temperatures drop during the winter months, your home's water pipes are at risk of freezing or bursting.

    How to recycle at home

    Are you struggling to recycle at home? Learn about what can and can't be recycled and more

    How to spot signs of damp around your home

    Do you know how to spot damp in a house? Learn how to spot damp in a house and what actions you would need to take.

    Seven signs you need a new boiler

    Regular maintenance helps prevent boiler issues but doesn't stop them from happening altogether. Do you need a new one?

    The importance of calculating your home contents

    Calculating your home contents correctly can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to claiming.

    Tips for making your home greener

    Learn more on how to make your home more green and environmentally friendly.

    Tips for a successful spring clean

    Spring has officially sprung, meaning its time to refresh your home. Here are our top tips for a thorough spring clean.

    Tips to protecting your home appliances

    Make your home appliance live longer with tips on warranties, insurance & day-to-day upkeep.