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Your home insurance questions answered…

Want to check something? You're in the right place. Here we've covered all the things you're likely to want to know about. What's a specified item? Are your valuables covered if you take them on holiday? What's home emergency cover? You'll find the answers to these and many more below.

  • Are my contents covered outside the home or on holiday?

    Not always. Your contents cover usually covers items temporarily away from your home but in another building, like your office.

    You can add personal belongings cover to your policy to insure items such as jewellery and luggage when you're on holiday.

  • What is personal belongings cover?

    This is additional cover you can add to your home insurance policy to cover things like your phone, money or luggage when you take them out of your home.

    You'll need to tell us about anything worth more than £1,500 or it may not be covered.

    To add personal belongings cover to your policy, get in touch.

  • Will I have to cancel my home insurance if I buy a new property?

    Not necessarily. If you buy a new property all you need to do is let us know.>In most cases we can change the address details on your policy. There's a £25 fee and your premium could go up or down.

  • Do I have to let you know if I'm having building work done to my property?

    If you're making structural changes to your property, you need to let us know so we can make sure you're covered if anything goes wrong.

    Structural changes include extensions, refitting kitchens and bathrooms and knocking down/building walls.

    If you're just making cosmetic changes like painting, plastering or fitting a carpet, you don't need to tell us.

  • Is my pedal cycle covered?

    Your pedal cycle is covered automatically at home under the contents section of your policy.

    However, if you want it to be covered away from home you will need to either have personal possessions away from home cover or let us know that the cycle is away from home.

  • What's your policy around burglar alarms?

    If you let us know you have a burglar alarm and want to add it to your policy, it may reduce your price. However, you need to make sure it's on at night, even if you're at home and at all times when the house is unoccupied – if it's not, you won't be covered and any claims you make may be refused.

    If you'd prefer to set the alarm as you like without it impacting your cover or any claims you make, just don't tell us you have an alarm.

  • Do I earn no claims discount with home insurance?

    Yes you do, but for home insurance, we refer to it as 'claims free years'.

    When you come to renew your policy, we'll review how many years you've had without making a claim and give you a relevant discount.

  • Will my home insurance auto-renew?

    Most of our home customers will auto-renew and we do this to ensure your home's always covered should the unexpected happen.

    Your policy documents will show if you're set to auto-renew. If you don't want this option, please let us know.

  • What is home emergency cover?

    Home emergency cover's one of our additional products you can add to your policy.

    It offers a 24 hour helpline to report emergencies - we'll arrange for an approved contractor to come to your property and carry out emergency repairs that are immediately necessary to:

    • protect you against a risk to your health
    • prevent a risk of loss or damage to your property
    • make your property safe and habitable.

    You'll be covered for emergency assistance of up to £1,000 including the callout charge, parts and costs to make the repairs.

  • What is family legal protection?

    This is an additional product you can add to your home policy for £24.99 and it comes as standard with a Hastings Premier policy.

    Family legal protection offers a 24 hour helpline for legal advice, debt counselling and cover for up to £75,000 in legal fees to pursue civil proceedings in the following situations:

    • your death or personal injury
    • contract claims against a person / organisation providing defective goods or services
    • personal injury claims against the responsible person / organisation
    • action for nuisance and trespass relating to your home
    • appeals against the decision of a Local Education Authority
    • probate disputes
    • motoring prosecutions
    • personal tax problems.
  • What's a specified item and what do I need to declare?

    Specified items are valuable property or personal belongings that are individually worth more than £1,500.

    This means that if you have any items in your home that are worth more than £1,500, you need to let us know.

    Valuable property includes things like:

    • antiques
    • items of gold, silver and other precious metals and stones
    • clocks
    • pictures, sculptures and other works of art
    • collectable items.
  • What's included in accidental damage cover?

    Accidental damage covers you for damage caused by one off accidents to either your property or its contents.

    You're automatically covered for damage to:


    • Home entertainment equipment, mirrors and glass.

    You can upgrade to our additional level which also covers you for things like spillages on your carpet or sofa.


    • Fixed glass, bathroom fittings like sinks and toilets, pipes and cables.

    You can upgrade to our additional level which also covers you for things like putting your foot through a ceiling or leaving a tap running.

    You can see if you're covered in your documents under 'Statement of insurance'.

  • In some wording, there's mention of 'non-family' members. Who do you class as 'family'?

    A 'family member' is:

    • your spouse
    • domestic partner
    • civil partner
    • children
    • domestic staff
    • any other person permanently living at your home address and not paying for their accommodation.
  • What is and isn't covered in outbuildings cover?

    Outbuildings cover is cover for structures that don't form part of the main building of your home and are used for domestic purposes.

    We cover:

    • garages
    • sheds
    • conservatories
    • greenhouses
    • summer houses.

    We don't cover:

    • caravans
    • mobile homes
    • motor homes
    • any structures made of canvas, PVC or any other non-rigid material.
  • What's your policy on student possessions?

    We cover student belongings for up to £2,500, as long as the items are kept in halls of residence and the student permanently lives at the address on the policy. There's more information about this in your policy booklet.

  • Do I pay an excess if I claim?

    Yes, in all cases you'll need to pay your excess when you make a claim.

    This is the combined total of your compulsory and voluntary excesses shown on your insurance schedule.

    You can find your insurance schedule in your policy documents.

  • What's the difference between buildings and contents cover?

    Buildings insurance covers the physical structure of your property including the roof, floors and walls.

    Contents insurance covers items inside the property, like furniture, carpets and freestanding appliances.

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