Buildings help

From unexpected floods to keeping your home energy efficient, here are some helpful building tips.

    A guide to fire safety at home

    Have you got a plan in the event of a fire? Learn more about fire prevent and what to do in the case of a fire.

    Flood prevention advice & tips

    Are you prepared for a flood? Learn more on what to do in the event of a flood and top tips on protecting your home.

    Gutter maintenance

    Whether your gutters are plastic, cast iron or pressed steel, they should be maintained. Find out our top tips.

    How to prepare your home for winter

    Have you winter proofed your home yet? Save costs and stay warm through the cold winter months by preparing your home.

    What is home subsidence?

    We all know what subsidence is but what causes it? Also, what are the tell-tale signs that a home might be at risk?

    Who's responsible for drain repairs?

    Many homes are connected by a system of drains and sewers. What should you do when they get blocked and who has to pay?