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Young drivers insurance

Nothing beats the freedom of owning your own car and being able to drive wherever you want, whenever you want. But, if you're a young driver who's just passed their test, high insurance costs could be stopping you from getting out on the road.

Young drivers — the statistics

According to the Young Drivers report from the AA, 20% of drivers have an accident within the first year of passing their test. Research cited by road safety charity Brake also revealed that although drivers aged 17–19 account for just 1.5% of UK licence holders, they're involved in 12% of all serious and fatal crashes.

Young drivers' car insurance tends to be the most expensive as insurers consider them 'high risk', they're most likely to be involved in an accident and therefore make a claim. So what can be done to help lower the costs?

Telematics insurance

An increasing number of young drivers are starting to use telematics insurance as a way of managing their premiums through safe and cautious driving.

What is it?

Telematics insurance, sometimes referred to as "black box" insurance, monitors a driver's skills and habits on the road and uses this information to calculate an accurate premium. Put simply, the safer you drive, the less you pay for insurance.

Telematics insurance differs to other policy types as the premium is mainly based on the individual's driving style, instead of being based on generalisations made about drivers of the same age, gender and level of experience. But, it will also be based on basic factors such as a vehicle's insurance group and the driver's address.

Besides from saving you money, telematics insurance can also encourage safe driving habits, which in turn will help you become a better driver.

How does it work?

If you opt for a telematics policy, your insurer will install a black box device in your car, or maybe even provide you with one you can fit yourself. The device is about the same size as a smartphone and uses telemetry and satellite technology (similar to your sat nav) to track your driving habits whenever you're behind the wheel.

What data does is capture?

The telematics device captures all types of information on your driving style and habits, such as:

  • The type of roads you drive on.
  • How fast you drive and if you're within speed limits.
  • How hard you apply the brakes.
  • How quickly you accelerate.
  • What times you drive the most.
  • How you approach corners.

This data is transmitted back to your insurer, helping them to accurately assess what type of driver you are. If you drive cautiously and legally, then you'll be rewarded with a discount to your insurance.

A telematics device can also be used to track a stolen car, providing valuable data in the event of an insurance claim.

Hastings Direct SmartMiles insurance

Here at Hastings Direct, we think that everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom of driving, regardless of their age. We're working to keep insurance costs down and believe our SmartMiles telematics policy provides a fair and cost effective option for young drivers.

The data we capture will be used to calculate your Driving Rating, which will inform the price you pay for insurance when your current policy is due for renewal.

Our SmartMiles policy rewards young drivers for safe driving while building up their no claims discount. Benefits featured as standard include:

  • Free theft tracking if your car is stolen
  • Earn no claims discount
  • Handbag cover
  • Manage your policy online
  • Uninsured driver promise
  • Legal cover
  • Childseat cover
  • Vandalism cover
  • 5% discount for students.

Hastings Direct SmartMiles app

Through our free Hastings Direct SmartMiles app, you're able to access your personalised driving dashboard at any time in order to view and monitor your Driver Rating and driving scores over the life of your policy. The app also allows you to view your mapped journeys and call for assistance if you need it.

Our SmartMiles app also contains a wealth of handy hints, tips and advice to help you improve your driving and ultimately get the best deal on your telematics insurance.

A Hastings Direct SmartMiles insurance policy could be the best option for you if:

  • You want to be rewarded for your safe driving
  • You're happy for our improved installers to fit a SmartMiles box into your car
  • You expect to drive less than 15,000 miles over the next year
  • You mainly drive between the hours of 5am and 10pm.

Hastings Direct SmartMiles offers excellent savings for young and new drivers who are safe behind the wheel. Show us that you're a good driver and save money on your next renewal.

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