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Women's car insurance

Men and women have very different driving habits and there's data to prove it. Statistically, female drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents and make a claim, which is why insurance providers previously offered policies designed specifically for women.

Moneysupermarket explains that female drivers are involved in more minor accidents, so the nature of their claims tends to be less severe.

In the past, finding affordable women's car insurance was easy — premiums were significantly lower than those of their male counterparts.

The stats

In terms of premiums, research conducted by shows the gender divide's broadening. In Q1 2016, both men and women drivers saw respective average premium increases of 15% (£90) and 12% (£69) compared with the previous year, taking the total to £705 for men and £629 for women.

While gender's no longer a consideration, age remains a big factor when calculating insurance costs and it could be argued that young, female drivers have been dealt the greatest blow by the new law. In the first few months of 2016, insurance for female drivers aged 17-20 increased by an average of 8% annually to £1,577, while male drivers of the same age group saw an average rise of 10% to £2,150.

Hastings telematics insurance

All drivers are looking for quality insurance for an affordable price, and there are many things you can do to help bring costs down. Buying a car in a low insurance bracket, limiting your mileage, parking your car in a garage overnight and installing factory-approved safety features to your car all contribute to lower premiums.

Ever since the Gender Directive was introduced, insurers searched for alternative ways to reward safe drivers with cheaper premiums. Here at Hastings Direct, we've developed SmartMiles telematics insurance to help drivers who are safe behind the wheel get the best possible deal on their insurance.

With SmartMiles, you can monitor your driving habits via a personalised dashboard and we'll apply a discount to your renewal costs if you prove to us that you're a conscientious driver. It's a great alternative to traditional women's car insurance policies, designed to reward you by offering savings that really add up over time. We'll also give you hints and tips to help you improve your driving and stay safe on the road.

If a telematics policy isn't for you (for instance, if you're 25 or over) our standard and Premier car insurance policies offer Defaqto 5 Star rated cover at a great price.

Staying safe on the road

If you often travel alone, or make regular long journeys, you want peace of mind that your car's not going to let you down. Follow our top tips to help you stay safe on the roads:

Carry out regular checks

To reduce the risk of a breakdown, you should carry out regular checks to make sure your car's in tip-top condition. Pay particular attention to oil and water levels and tyre pressures, making sure you check them before any long trip.

Get your car serviced

Booking your car in for regular services will ensure that everything's working as it should be, and the mechanic will be able to flag up any underlying issues that need attention.

Keep your fuel topped-up

You don't want to find yourself stranded as a result of an empty tank, so always check your gauge before a journey to ensure you've got enough fuel to get you to your destination — plus a little extra.

Fix faults immediately

If you think something's wrong with your car, don't wait until you breakdown to do something about it. Get to a garage as soon as possible to have the fault fixed.

Check your warning lights

If a warning light comes on, check your car's manual to see if you're still safe to drive. Some lights don't require immediate attention.

Stay in touch

If you're making an unusual trip, let someone know where you're going, what route you're taking and how long it's going to take to get there. You should tell them that you'll touch base once you've arrived.

Know where you're going

To prevent yourself from getting lost, make sure you carry a copy of a map with you at all times — don't always rely on your sat nav.

Charge it up

A mobile phone could be your saviour if you find yourself stranded. Always make sure your battery's full before setting off on a long journey.

Pack an emergency kit

In the event of a breakdown it's always good to be prepared. Your emergency kit should include warm clothes, a blanket, snacks and water, a torch, some money, and contact numbers of your breakdown provider.

Be cautious

If you find yourself needing assistance, it's a better to ring your breakdown provider straight away rather than accepting help from a stranger. If you breakdown on the motorway, use the SOS phone if possible as it'll pinpoint your exact location. On any other road, if you notice something's not right with your car, drive to a well-lit area such as a petrol station.

Getting an online quote from Hastings Direct couldn't be easier. You can tailor your policy to suit the level of car insurance you require, and the whole process should take just a few minutes. So, see how much you could save and get a car insurance quote online now.

Car insurance

Our straightforward car insurance is Defaqto 5 Star rated, so you can be sure you're getting a great product. Plus you can choose from a great range of optional extras.

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