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Tips for lowering car insurance premiums

As new drivers have less experience, they tend to have a higher risk of being involved in an accident, which in turn can raise car insurance premiums. In fact, 1 in 5 new drivers will have an accident in their first year on the road¹. Despite this, there are certain things you can change to help lower the risk and your premiums.

Firstly, focus on your driving skills:

  • Take a Pass Plus test. This gives you more experience of driving in challenging conditions, like on the motorway, which in turn can give you more confidence on the road.
  • Be a safe driver. In the long term if you're claim free you'll build up no claims discount which can lower your insurance costs.

Next, think about the safety of your car:

  • Park it securely. Parking your car in a garage or other secure location at night reduces the risk of theft and damage; in turn can lower your premiums.
  • Install safety features. A steering wheel lock or other safety device and removing all valuables make your car less appealing to thieves.
  1. DSA, "The Schools Programme", Driving Standards Agency, 2000
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