Telematics insurance

    What is telematics car insurance?

    How does our telematics insurance work?

    You can start driving straight away. Then, when your tab arrives, here's what to do…

    What are the benefits of telematics insurance?

    Why choose Hastings Direct for your telematics insurance?

    FAQs about telematics insurance

    How do I get telematics insurance?

    How do I make a claim?

    What won't be included in my policy?

    What types of driving information will you monitor as part of my YouDrive telematics policy insurance?

    What is considered a good driving score?

    How does the wireless tab (known as black box) know the speed limit?

    How big is the wireless tab?

    How long will it take for my wireless tab to arrive?

    Where do I attach the tab?

    Do I need my phone in the car while driving?

    Will the Hastings Direct app drain my phone battery?

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