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Car breakdown

When you get a quote for your car insurance, you can choose to add our optional car breakdown cover. We offer four levels of cover – from basic roadside recovery and misfuelling to breakdown cover in Europe.

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What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover gives you peace of mind, knowing that if your car breaks down someone will come and rescue you and your car. Our most basic car breakdown cover includes:

  • UK-wide coverage
  • Roadside assistance & recovery
  • Misfuelling cover
  • Caravan and trailer cover

Breakdown cover features and benefits

We offer four levels of breakdown cover; roadside recovery, UK recovery, home service, and European cover. If your vehicle can't be driven because of a breakdown, your insurer will arrange for the service as shown below.

If you misfuel your car we'll arrange and pay for your vehicle to be drained and flushed of the contaminated fuel, and refuel up to ten litres of the correct fuel.
In case of a breakdown, your insurance policy will cover your car wherever you drive within the UK.
To get you back on the road quickly, we'll arrange service at the scene of the breakdown. If it can't be fixed, we'll arrange for your car to be taken to a local garage.
In the event of a breakdown, any attached caravan or small trailer used for private purposes will be entitled to the same service as your car.
If your car can't be repaired at the roadside or at a local garage the same day, we'll arrange for one of the following: the vehicle, you and your passengers to be taken to your destination or home; accommodation for one night; or hire of another vehicle.
If you can't drive due to injury or illness acquired during the journey, we'll arrange for a driver to finish the journey or return you and your car to where the journey started.
We'll arrange to pay call-out fees and labour charges needed to start your car in the event of a breakdown at or within one quarter mile of your home.
Our European cover gives you the benefit of our roadside, recovery and home service levels of cover while travelling abroad with your car in the event of a breakdown.

If you're planning on a driving holiday to Europe, find out more about our European breakdown cover. Get the freedom to take to the open roads without having to worry about any vehicle breakdown complications on the way or while you're out there.

We also offer a range of optional extras, such as enhanced personal accident cover, motor legal expenses and car key cover, which you can easily add to your car policy. Limitations may apply to these products.

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Do I need breakdown cover?

Car breakdown cover isn't a legal requirement, it’s simply to give you the reassurance of knowing you'll be covered in the event of your vehicle breaking down.

What do you do if your car breaks down?

It can be highly dangerous breaking down on fast, poorly lit or winding roads. If you've broken down, please see the following checklist for help:

1. If possible, try to leave the motorway and go into a layby, service station or car park

If your vehicle isn't going to make it that far, pull up onto the hard shoulder keeping as far away from the road as possible, and park with your wheels facing left. Keep an eye out for where the nearest emergency telephone is as this directly contacts the Highways Agency or the police.

2. Put your hazard lights on

If visibility is poor due to bad light or weather, you can turn your sidelights on as well. If you've broken down in thick fog and you can't see more than 100 metres ahead, you can also use your rear fog lights. If you have a warning triangle don't use this on a motorway. If you're on a road and it's safe to do so, place the triangle a minimum of 50 yards (45m) behind.

3. Stay in a safe place

Once stationary, get out of your vehicle on the opposite side of oncoming traffic. If you have any reflective clothing, be sure to take this with you and make sure to find a safe place to wait, as far away from the oncoming traffic as possible. If there's a safety barrier – wait behind it.

4. Contact someone

Now's the time to contact whoever you have breakdown cover with. If you don't have a mobile phone or don't have breakdown cover, walk to an emergency phone to get in touch with the Highways Agency or police.

If you've already got breakdown cover and want to get in touch, please call:

Breakdown (UK) – 0333 321 9680
Breakdown (EU) – +44 1737 815 876
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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