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Over 50s car insurance

We offer car insurance policies that reflect the level of experience drivers have later in life. Our flexible cover options allow drivers over 50 to pick a policy that suits their individual requirements, while our no claims discount rewards safe driving.

What are the benefits of car insurance for over 50s?

We value older drivers as they're usually more experienced and cautious on the road, and tend to avoid driving at peak times when most accidents occur. And all of this often means drivers over 50 benefit from affordable, yet complete cover.

You'll benefit from all the usual features of a third party or comprehensive insurance policy, but you could also be rewarded with cheaper premiums due to your age and driving experience. Our Direct and Premier policies are 5 Star rated by Defaqto, so why not get covered today!

Our Premier car insurance is our most comprehensive policy to date, designed to give you peace of mind you're well-protected behind the wheel. The benefits that come as standard on this policy include legal protection, roadside assistance and courtesy car.

Experienced drivers can also get our Telematics insurance YouDrive. You'll get a great price when you start your policy and, if you're a good driver, you'll keep getting a great price every time you renew. All you'll need is a smartphone to start taking control of your policy price.

Is car insurance cheaper for over 50s?

Age is just one of many factors insurers consider when calculating your premium. So if you're an older driver with decades of driving experience and a no claims history, you could be rewarded with a reduction in the cost of cover.

However, this doesn't mean car insurance is always cheaper for older drivers, as insurers consider many other factors. For insurance, driving a powerful or expensive car, or parking on a street instead of in a garage could increase the price of insurance.

Is it more difficult to get insurance as an older driver?

Generally, older drivers shouldn't find it difficult getting insured. However, some providers may refuse a driver cover on the grounds of them having a road related criminal record or existing medical condition which had been declared to the DVLA.

Ultimately, every insurer is different, so one company denying you cover doesn't always mean all companies will.

Health check

You may be as fit as a fiddle, but health issues can become a more regular occurrence as we get older. Drivers of all age have a responsibility to ensure they are safe enough to be behind the wheel, so here are some pointers you could find useful:

  • There are a number of medical conditions that affect your driving and must be reported to the DVLA
  • Eyesight can deteriorate quickly in old age, so getting your eyes tested at least every two years is an absolute must. The Older Drivers website has lots of information on driving and eye health.
  • Having regular medical and driving assessments will help to keep you safe on the road.
  • If you do have any visual or physical ailments, it might be possible to make modifications to your car but you must make your insurer aware of any modifications. If you're upgrading, choosing a model with large mirrors and windows can help with visibility.
  • Drivers aged over 70 must reapply for their licence every three years. This doesn't involve a medical test but you do have to declare if your health has deteriorated, and this may prompt the DVLA to investigate further.

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Our Direct and Premier policies are 5 Star rated by Defaqto, so why not get a hassle-free car insurance quote today.

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