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No claims discount

Reduce your car insurance premiums and get rewarded for your safe driving record with a no claims discount from Hastings Direct.

A no claims discount is a valuable asset for motorists of all ages as they look to show a track record of safe and responsible driving over time. For every year you have car insurance and don't make a claim, you'll earn a discount on your premiums the next year. If you don't claim on your policy for 5 years, you could be entitled to a discount of as much as 60% in some cases.

No claims is an earned discount, and as such, can offer significant savings over time. Even if you choose to switch insurance providers, you can prove your no claims discount and benefit from any savings it might bring. If you do need to make a claim, that discount will be reduced.

Protecting your no claims discount

Your no claims discount is a significant factor in reducing an annual premium, and for that reason, many drivers choose to protect their no claims discount when renewing their car insurance policy. Simply put, protected no claims will ensure your discount remains intact even if you have an accident and need to make a claim. To remain eligible, you can make up to two claims in a three year period.

No claims discount protection does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault.

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