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#MyFirstCar – Sian Welby

Sian Welby #MyFirstCar.

One of the UK's most loved weather forecasters and Radio DJs, Sian Welby definitely knows the importance of being able to drive. For a first–time driver living in a small town like Upton, her trusty white Citroen was a passport to adventure, popularity and all the fast food delights north Nottinghamshire has to offer…

"I love driving now, but that's not always been the case. I'm going to come right out and admit it; it took me five attempts to pass my driving test.

I'd had various amounts of failure along the way, from not checking my mirrors, to almost going the wrong way around a roundabout – but when the time came, I knew I'd nailed it. Just the three minors, no majors, and boom – I was through!

I came home to my first car – a battered but beautiful white Citroen Saxo, which had been waiting patiently on the drive, giving me awkward glances ever since my 18th birthday.

White Citroen Saxo.

Now, flanked by Tinkerbell vinyl, and with a pair of pink furry dice, she was ready to roll for the traditional first outing. I remember pulling into the school car park (with a full car) as slowly as possible to ensure maximum exposure, a Napster-fuelled Kanye West College Dropout CD playing at full blast, windows rolled down, and attempting a jagged parking manoeuvre in front of the smokers.

After 20 minutes I'd finally got us into position with only a few minor scratches. I popped off the front of the CD player and slid it into the glove box, grabbed my bag, wound the squeaky windows back up, leaned the driver's seat forward to let the crowds out, locked the door manually – and then opened the boot to let Becky out.

After school was when the convoy got together – and I was delighted to finally join for my maiden voyage. The destination? Always the same; the golden arches of McDonald's. Drive through, of course."

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