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Telematics guide — rules for black box car insurance

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Make sense of black box insurance policies with our easy guide to Telematics.

Telematics car insurance policies work by monitoring a driver's habits behind the wheel and adjusting insurance costs accordingly. It's designed to reward safe drivers and offer savings that really add up over the years, ideal for young, low mileage and new drivers.

How telematics works

A small SmartMiles telematics box that's installed in your car collects data remotely using Telecommunications and Information Technology — similar to what your vehicle's SatNav system uses. Information about speed, acceleration, braking and where and when you are driving is collected using telematics data and is measured against speed limits and other safe driving principles which are used as a guide to set your policy rates upon renewal.

The SmartMiles telematics box is roughly the size of a mobile phone, it won't affect your manufacturer's warranty and will be installed by a trained professional. You can stay on top of your Driver Rating via our dashboard, whereby we'll also provide handy hints and tips to help you improve.

Telematics insurance policies also have the added benefit of location tracking if your car is ever stolen. Using telematics we can help track your vehicle and in the majority of cases recover your car within an hour of it being stolen; 96% are recovered within the hour!¹

  1. Data from Wunelli Limited, during the period March 2011 to August 2012.
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