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Eight top driving hacks you need to know

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Spend a lot of time behind the wheel? If so, we're about to make your travels more efficient and enjoyable by sharing our top eight driving hacks you might not know.

1. Pin it

If you've ever found yourself desperately searching for your car after forgetting where you've parked it, there's an app for that! Well, actually, it's Google Maps, which allows you to handily drop a pin on your exact location after you've safely parked up. It'll lead you right back to your car at the end of the day.

2. Chin it

Believe it or not, holding your key fob under your chin increases its range, allowing you to open the car from further away! We know it sounds bonkers, but as radio engineer Tim Pozar told the New York Times: 'You are capacitively coupling the fob to your head. With all the fluids in your head it ends up being a nice conductor. Not a great one, but it works.'

3. Remind yourself

Only paid for three hours' parking? Avoid being stung for outstaying your welcome by setting a handy reminder on your phone. Setting an alarm also means you won't have to check the time every half an hour, leaving you to relax and enjoy your day.

4. Declutter your bunch

Do you really need that big pink pom-pom, a bottle opener you've never used and four keyrings with nothing attached to them on your bunch of keys? Think: smaller is better – and by adopting this approach, it'll prevent your keys from knocking into your kneecaps whilst driving and potentially damaging your ignition.

5. Search for the arrow

It really is a mystery why so many of us find it impossible to remember which side of the car the fuel cap is on! Whether you're driving your own car or an unfamiliar one, take a look at the fuel gauge – most cars have a little arrow pointing to the correct side.

6. Keep your cool

On a hot summer's day, spend some time figuring out where the shade will be around the time you expect to return to your car, so it's cool when you get in. As well as this, turn your wheel 180-degrees to the left or right when you park up. That way, you can drive off without the steering wheel being piping hot!

7. A gentle squeeze

The next time you fill up; pull the trigger halfway rather than squeezing it tight. Doing this might take more time, but it means more fuel and less air enters the tank, which can end up saving you cash over time.

8. One potato, two potato

Bid farewell to foggy windows once and for all. Take a potato (yes, you read that right), cut it in half and rub the cut side on the window. The starch in the potato acts as a barrier between the glass and air, meaning no more misty windows!

Tell us: which of these driving hacks will you be trying first? And do you have any of your own you can share with us?

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