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Car security

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Car theft and theft of items within a car are two of the most common auto crime offences and the victim has the added problem of losing their no claims discount on their insurance as a result of either crime. Our car security tips will discourage thieves as well as possibly entitling you to a reduced insurance premium.

Car safety

Parking in a secure location will make your car a harder target for thieves. If you have a garage, keeping your vehicle out of sight is a good way to improve its security. Installing a motion-censored light could scare off thieves if you have a driveway that is visible from the main road. Parking on the street is safer in lit areas, although remember that good lighting in a busy area does not guarantee safety, so consider our other tips as well.

Improving the security of your car

Leave valuables out of sight and keep the glove box open to show that there is nothing worth stealing inside your vehicle. Removing the temptation will decrease the chance of being broken into. Be sure to lock the doors even if you are only leaving the car for a short time and close all the windows and the sunroof as any way into your car that doesn't involve breakage will make it an easy target for thieves.

Investing in a security device such as an electronic engine immobiliser is a good way to improve car safety. Be sure that the system is recognised by Thatcham, or your insurer may not offer you a discount on your premium. Even a relatively cheap steering wheel lock device, which professional thieves can remove quite quickly, will discourage most criminals, as they are looking for the easiest targets.

Having your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto all your car's glass will identify each mirror and window with your individual car, keeping your car secure from criminals looking to change its identity.

Car insurance

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