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Driving while pregnant

Being pregnant can significantly reduce your mobility, particularly in the later stages of the pregnancy. Many therefore rely on their cars in order to carry out day-to-day tasks such as shopping and socialising, as walking simply becomes too much of a strain. It's important, however, that you know how to stay safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

Read Hastings Direct's driving tips for pregnancy, including information on laws and on how to ensure you stay as safe as possible whilst on the road.

Driving tips for pregnancy

Driving while pregnant is both legal and safe, provided you feel comfortable on the road. In the later stages of the pregnancy, you may find it becomes increasingly difficult to get in and out of the vehicle, so it's important to assess whether you feel confident enough in your ability to continue driving.

Here are a few important points and tips to consider before getting behind the wheel:

  • Seatbelts: Being pregnant does not make you exempt from wearing a seatbelt, so make sure you wear it at all times. In order to make it as comfortable and safe as possible, wear the waist strap below the bump and slide the shoulder strap across your chest. The only time it is acceptable to refrain is if you are in possession of a medical exemption certificate issued by your doctor.
  • Comfort first: Ensuring you are comfortable before setting off on your drive will enable you to fully focus on the road and minimise any distractions. Sit flat against the back of your seat and make sure the steering wheel is within a comfortable distance. Your driving style can also improve your journey, as gradual acceleration and deceleration will help reduce the likelihood of any sudden stops or bursts of speed.
  • Avoid long journeys: Fatigue can quickly set in during pregnancy, so keep your car journeys as short as possible. If you do find yourself having to travel a considerable distance, make sure you schedule regular stops on the way.
  • Refreshments: Bring food and drink with you and ensure there is a regular flow of air coming into the car, either via an open window or through the vehicle's air conditioning system.

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