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Declaring a SORN

If you own a vehicle that is not being driven on public roads then you are legally required to declare a SORN, notifying the DVLA that this is the case. SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification and to understand more about when one is needed see our information on what a SORN is.

How to declare a vehicle SORN

Whether it has failed its MOT and you are repairing it yourself, or you are simply not using it and have left it in the garage, you are required to complete a SORN for any vehicle that is not taxed or insured. The notifications are not transferable, so if you have bought a car that the previous owner made a SORN for, you will still have to register one.

It does not cost anything to register a SORN and the process can be completed online. To declare SORN on the DVLA website you will either need your vehicle's registration document (V5C) or, if you are renewing a SORN, the V11 tax disc reminder that you have been sent. You can also complete a V890 (SORN) form and post it back to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR.

If you are renewing your SORN, you can do also do this by ticking the SORN box on your V11 form and bringing it to a vehicle licence-issuing Post Office branch, where the application can be processed for you.

Confirmation that the SORN has been processed and the vehicle is recognised as not being used should be sent to you within four weeks of declaration. Remember to make a note of the date that your SORN is active from: it will need to be renewed after 12 months. If you have any questions about your application you can contact the DVLA by phone.

Renewing a SORN

If you forget to renew a SORN the DVLA will assume that the vehicle is in use and requires tax and insurance. You'll be faced with an automatic fine if this happens, as well as the possibility of a County Court Judgement, so being aware of the annual renewal date is important as it will save you a lot of money.

To take a vehicle that has a SORN back onto the roads, it will need a current MOT, insurance certificate and a tax disc. Applying for the tax disc will automatically cause the expiration of a SORN, so there is no need to ask the DVLA to cancel it. If you only want to drive the vehicle for a short time before taking it off-road again, temporary insurance cover can be used, before applying for another SORN when the vehicle is once again not in use.

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