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Comprehensive car insurance

Need to insure your car, but feeling a little baffled by your options? If you're after a policy that offers full protection for you and your car when you're out on the road, the best option is likely to be comprehensive car insurance.

What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of cover you can buy, protecting against fire, theft and damage to your car and other people's cars.

If you're involved in an accident; comprehensive insurance will cover the cost to repair your car or replace it, up to its market value. It will also pay out if you, your passengers or the other driver needs medical attention.

Why have comprehensive car insurance?

Having comprehensive car insurance means you can claim for incidents you can't prove, like if a driver speeds off after hitting you. You can also claim if you're involved in an accident deemed your fault – something you can't do if you have third party or third party fire and theft insurance.

What's cheaper – third party or comprehensive?

You'd be forgiven for thinking comprehensive insurance is the most expensive option – after all, it offers the greatest protection when you're out on the road. But this isn't always the case, so it's always worth comparing prices for every type of cover.

A lot of new drivers, considered 'high risk' by insurers, choose third party policies to keep costs as low as possible. As inexperienced drivers are most likely to be involved in accidents, this means there are a lot of claims on third party policies, which has pushed up their average cost.

Is it worth getting comprehensive car insurance?

If you're searching for comprehensive car insurance coverage and finding the policies are more expensive than third party options, remember: you're paying that little bit extra for potentially a lot more protection. The initial cost might be higher, but nothing compared to what you'd have to pay on third party insurance if your car needed repairing or replacing after an accident that's your fault.

So which is better, comprehensive or third party insurance? To answer that question we'll ask another question: would you rather be half-protected on the road, or fully protected?

Can I drive any car on fully comp insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is 'drive any car insurance,' right? Wrong! Not everyone who takes out this cover is able to drive other cars, even if you're over 25. You should always check your entitlements with your insurer before getting behind the wheel of a car that's not yours.

Covered by Hastings Direct? You'll find out whether you have insurance to drive any car under section 5 of your motor insurance certificate.

Hastings Direct comprehensive car insurance

No two comprehensive insurance policies are the same, with each insurer offering different features and benefits, so always read the small print.

Choose us and you'll receive exceptional cover at an affordable price, coupled with high customer service from start to finish. We've been awarded a Defaqto 5 Star Rating as testament to our commitment in providing quality insurance to each and every one of our customers.

Our comprehensive car insurance comes with lots of benefits as standard, such as:

  • Personal belongings cover of up to £300 for items left in your car that are stolen or damaged due to an accident or fire
  • Cover for windscreen damage
  • Protection for in-car entertainment
  • Replacement of a child's booster or car seat as part of a claim for loss or damage
  • Personal accident cover for you, your spouse or civil partner with up to £5,000 for death or loss of sight or limb (for drivers aged under 75)
  • Medical expenses cover up to £500 for each injured person
  • 90 days EU travel cover
  • A courtesy car while your car's repaired after an accident.

Optional extras

No two drivers are the same, which is why we offer a range of optional extras, so you can personalise your policy and get the right level of cover for you. These include:

  • Enhanced personal accident cover – up to £140,000 cash payment if you or your passengers are injured in an accident
  • A range of breakdown cover options
  • Legal expenses cover – providing you with added protection in the event of an accident that's not your fault.

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Our refreshingly straightforward car insurance is Defaqto 5 Star rated, so you can be sure you're getting a great product. Plus you can choose from a great range of optional extras.

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