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Important - Coronavirus update

In line with guidance from the Government and to help look after our colleagues, we now have a limited number of staff in the office. During this time, we're committed to supporting you in the best way we can. We'll be here throughout to keep you updated so make sure to check back regularly.

  • At this time, please help us to prioritise essential calls by using our online services.
    • If you're a car customer you can use MyAccount or the app to make policy changes or payments, including changing your payment date, checking your documents or to report or track a claim (MyAccount only).
    • If you're a home, bike or van customer, or for any customers wishing to cancel their insurance, please use our online forms.
  • If you do phone, we will only be able to deal with your query if:
    • You're in a vulnerable situation or an NHS/critical care worker who can't easily access our online services, or
    • You are worried about making future payments, or
    • Your policy is due to renew in less than a week and you're concerned the policy is no longer suitable for you, or
    • You need to make a claim and your vehicle is un-driveable or if you need urgent roadside assistance.
  • For all other queries, including buying a new policy, please first read our Coronavirus FAQs for the latest advice and how to use our online services.
  • Our opening hours have changed to: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm and Sunday Closed. If do you need to call us, please bear with us as it may take us longer to answer your call. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.

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Business car insurance

Do you use your car for work? If you drive to different places as part of your job — and not just to and from the office — you'll need to take out business car cover.

Standard insurance policies cover social, domestic and personal use, meaning you and your vehicle are covered when you pop to the shop, drive to a friend's house or go to the cinema, for instance. Most policies also have the option of adding cover for commuting to a single place of work, such as an office, worksite, or a train station car park.

Yet, things start to become a little more complicated when you drive to multiple sites, if you clock-up hundreds of miles each week, or if you allow a colleague to use your car for business purposes. In any of these cases, you need to seek the additional protection of a business car policy.

The cost of business car cover

Generally speaking, business car cover insurance costs more than standard insurance policies. When using your car for work, you're likely to be on the roads more, and your job might require you to drive through unfamiliar areas or during peak times. All these factors put you at greater risk of being involved in a car accident and therefore making an insurance claim, which is why premiums tend to be more expensive.

While you might want to save money, don't be tempted to be dishonest about your car usage to get cheaper premiums. Doing this isn't only a criminal offence but it'll make your policy invalid and mean your insurer won't pay out in the event of a claim. In the end, it'll be you who loses out.

There are ways you can save money on your business car insurance. Some of the most popular include:

  • Buying a car in a low insurance category
  • Making sure your car has approved security features such as an immobiliser and alarm
  • Parking your car in a safe place off the road during the evenings, such as on a driveway or in a garage.

Business insurance classes

Taking out business car insurance is a bit more complex than taking out standard car insurance, as there are three different classes of cover and you'll need to decide which one fits your circumstances best. Here's a brief rundown of each classes.

Class 1 — This provides cover for you, the main driver, when travelling to your place of work as well as to different sites for your job. Most policies include cover for a spouse to use your car, but it won't include cover for any other named driver to use it for business purposes.

Class 2 — You're covered as the main driver along with any other named driver on your policy for business purposes.

Class 3 — If you clock-up a significant amount of miles as part of your job (for example, if you're a travelling salesperson), then you'll most likely need this level of car insurance. Class 3 provides cover for light goods transportation along with a number of selling purposes so long as they are part of your job.

The exact terms of each class varies between each insurer, so when taking out a policy it's really important to familiarise yourself with the conditions, so you know exactly what you're covered for.

If you take out a Hastings Direct policy, you need to let us know if you're using your car for business purposes; even a part time delivery job counts as business use. You must also notify us if your circumstances change, for example if you move office or if a job promotion results in you having to drive more miles each year. Not notifying us can invalidate your policy.

Hastings Direct insurance

When it comes to business car insurance, everyone's looking for quality cover at a price that won't break the bank. With this in mind, we offer a range of flexible insurance options to make sure we meet the needs of every driver.

We don't provide insurance for businesses; rather, we offer comprehensive insurance plans for drivers who use their cars for business purposes. With Hastings Direct, you'll find a policy that best suits your individual requirements.

Our insurance policies are 5 Star Defaqto rated, which is testament to the high level of cover and service we provide to our customers.

Choose from our standard Hastings Essential policy to our Premium policy which features a range of benefits as standard, including cover for windscreen and window damage, personal belonging protection of up to £300, and a guaranteed courtesy car.

Here at Hastings Direct, we offer insurance that's practical and comprehensive, keeping you and your car protected for a price that's right.

Car insurance

Our straightforward car insurance is Defaqto 5 Star rated, so you can be sure you're getting a great product. Plus you can choose from a great range of optional extras.

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