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From the age of 16 riders are eligible to get a Compulsory Basic Training certificate and drive a moped. And while there's nothing like the thrill of riding your own motorbike, lack of experience means young riders face significantly higher premiums than any other age group.

Establishing a safe driving record over time is the most effective way for young riders to reduce premiums, but in the meantime there are a few things new riders can do to help reduce bike insurance costs and enjoy the open road.

Young riders: Tips for lowering bike insurance premiums

If you are a young rider, keep these tips in mind both before and after you take to the road.

Smaller engine

You might want to have a fast bike with a more powerful engine, but it's better to save these dreams for a few years down the line. Young riders are limited to certain engine sizes, and in general, the more powerful and fast your bike is, the more it will cost to cover.

Abide by the law

Did you know that riders who have points on their licences as a result of speeding convictions or other misdemeanours may be charged more for bike insurance? Maintain a clean driving record to keep costs down.

Avoid accidents

It isn't possible to know exactly what is waiting around the corner, but young riders who need to make a claim will see an increase in future premiums. The cost of bike insurance will come down as you build up more of a no-claims discount. Drive carefully and reap the rewards.

Bike safety

Just like with a car, the risk of theft contributes to the cost of bike insurance premiums. If you keep your motorcycle locked up in a garage or you have decent anti-theft protection it could has a positive impact on your premium.

Improve your qualifications

If you want to prove to the world that your biking skills are progressing all the time, one of the more effective ways for young riders to do this is by completing an accredited training course. The investment should pay off in the form of lower bike insurance premiums - not to mention increased personal safety.

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