Bike breakdown cover

At Hastings Direct, we're committed to offering the most affordable motorbike insurance possible; that means paying for the cover you need and nothing more.

You can choose from our three levels of cover, and add optional extras to your motorbike insurance like bike breakdown cover so you can find the deal that suits you best.

If you misfuel your bike we'll arrange and pay for it to be drained and flushed of the contaminated fuel, and refuel up to ten litres of the correct fuel.
Your insurance will cover you within the UK.
We will arrange service at the scene of the breakdown. If it cannot be fixed, we will arrange for the bike to be taken to a local garage.
If your bike cannot be repaired at the roadside or at a local garage the same day, we will arrange for one of the following: the bike, you and your passengers to be taken to your destination or home; bed and breakfast accommodation for one night; or hire of another vehicle.
If you are unable to ride due to injury or illness acquired during the journey, we will arrange for someone to finish the journey or return you and your bike to where the journey started.
We will arrange to pay call-out fees and labour charges needed to start your bike if it breaks down at or within one quarter mile of your home.

If you've broken down, don't worry - help is there for you. Just call your breakdown provider:

If your policy number begins with XA, your breakdown provider is RAC

If your policy number begins with H, your breakdown provider is AXA

Breaking down is never a pleasant experience. But, it can be really stressful if you break down on your motorbike and are left stranded at the roadside on your own without shelter.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do. You could contact the nearest garage and ask for help, but you might end up with a hefty bill. Or, you could sit tight and hope the police will pass by and lend a hand.

If you have breakdown cover, things will be a lot easier. You'd simply need to give your provider a call and they'll come out as fast as possible and either repair your bike, drop you to a local garage, or take you home.

Breakdowns aren't uncommon, with the AA reporting it attends to around 10,000 breakdowns every single day – and that's just one of many roadside assistance firms. With bike breakdown cover, you can ride the open road safe in the knowledge help is there if you need it – whether you're miles from home, out in the sticks, or cruising through the night.

Breakdown cover with Hastings Direct

Protect yourself and your machine from potential mishaps with bike breakdown cover from Hastings Direct. Breakdown cover is available to customers who have taken out a motorbike insurance policy with us.

Similar to other types of insurance, there are different levels of breakdown cover to choose from, so you can find the deal that suits you best. Here's a rundown of the three levels of cover we offer:

Roadside Recovery

Roadside recovery is the most basic level of cover we offer and features a whole host of benefits as standard, including:

  • Misfuelling in the UK: If you top-up using the wrong fuel, we'll pay for your bike to be drained and flushed, and will fill it with up to 10 litres of the right fuel.
  • UK-wide coverage: You're covered no matter where you ride in the UK.
  • Roadside assistance: We'll fix the issue at the scene of the breakdown. If we can't fix it, then we'll arrange for your bike to be taken to a nearby garage.

UK Recovery

UK Recovery features all the same benefits as Roadside Recovery, plus recovery away from your home. If your bike can't be fixed at the roadside, then we'll do one of three things: arrange for you, your bike and any passengers to be taken to your destination or back home, book you into a B&B for one night; or organise a hire vehicle.

Home Service

The most comprehensive level of breakdown cover we offer, Home Service includes all the benefits of Roadside and UK Recovery plus:

  • Emergency rider: If you're unable to ride your bike as a result of becoming ill or injured during the journey, we'll arrange for another rider to complete your journey, or return you and your bike back to where you started.
  • Home service: If your bike breaks down within one mile of your home, we'll pay the call-out fees and labour charges required to get it back up and running.

Optional extras

Once you've chosen the level of cover right for you, there are a number of optional extras you can add to your policy for an extra fee. These include:

› Helmet and leathers cover

Bike helmet and leather protection covers the cost of your motorbike clothing if damaged in the event of an accident anywhere in the UK. You'll receive up to £750 for damage to your leathers, boots, helmet and gloves.

› Legal expenses cover

With legal expenses cover, you can claim for legal costs to recover uninsured losses and pursue compensation for personal injury if you're involved in an accident that's not your fault.

› Bike personal accident

Receive up to £20,000 cash payment if you or your passengers are injured in an accident on your motorbike.

Remember, bike breakdown cover doesn't come as standard, so make sure you're protected. More information can be found in our optional additional products booklet.

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