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Multi bike insurance

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Multi bike insurance

If biking is one of your passions, you may have a couple of bikes sitting in your garage – one for day to day use and the other you save for weekend cruises.

Did you know you can save both time and money by combining your two insurance policies and taking out multi bike cover? That way you don't have the hassle of managing separate policies; you only need to worry about the one.

A multi bike policy tends to be cheaper because insurers calculate the premium partly based on the fact that you'll only be riding one bike at any given time.

Unlike multi car insurance though, multi bike insurance will only cover you, the main rider. It's not really suitable if other people in your household also ride, as the policy doesn't allow multiple bikes to be on the road at the same time.

Insurance groups

Similar to cars and vans, all motorbike makes and models are grouped in terms of their value and power. There are between 17 and 22 motorbike groups, with most models falling under groups 3–17.

Generally speaking, the more powerful and expensive a bike is, the higher the group and the more it will cost to insure. So, if you have a multi bike policy, any bikes you own that are in the lower groups can balance out those in the higher groups, in turn bringing down the price you pay for cover.

Multi bike insurance from Hastings Direct

Our policies come with a range of benefits as standard, such as 90-day EU cover and 6 years' no claims discount, with the option to protect it. We also offer introductory savings for riders with zero no claims discount.

Other multi bike discounts are available for:

  • Continuous ownership
  • Garaging
  • Security measures

Optional extras

If you want, you can tailor your policy to boost your cover, choosing from a range of optional extras. These include:

Bike legal cover

Claim up to £100,000 to pay legal costs, claim back your policy excess, or get compensation for you and your family if you suffer injury or loss of life in a non-fault accident. This wouldn't normally be covered by any standard multi bike insurance policy.

Helmet and leathers cover

Riding gear isn't cheap, add helmet and leathers cover to your policy and you'll receive up to £1,000 for clothing that's damaged as a result of an accident under your multi bike insurance policy.

Bike personal accident

Our optional personal accident policy gives you cover of up to £20,000 for injuries that happen from an accident on your bike.

You can find full terms and conditions in our optional additional products booklet.

Helmet and leathers cover

Hastings Premier motorbike insurance includes up to £1000 of helmet and leathers cover as standard.

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