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Owning a moped has its advantages; thanks to its size, riders can escape problems with congestion and parking, as well as reaping the benefits of more affordable insurance and operational costs.

As the cost of running and maintaining a car increases, more people are choosing mopeds as a cheap and environmentally freindly alternative. Whether you're an experienced rider who commutes to work or a newly licensed rider, you know that you can enjoy the freedom of riding on two wheels with our quality cover at the right price.

What is the difference between a moped and a scooter?

Mopeds are great for first–time riders, particularly for 16 year olds looking for new ways to get around and gain some experience on the roads. Although mopeds were traditionally equipped with pedals, today a moped would be classed as a motorcycle that has an engine size of 50cc or less and a top speed of 45Kph/28mph. 50cc mopeds are not allowed on motorways and should avoid any fast A roads where the traffic is likely to move much faster than the moped can go.

For these reasons, a moped can be a great way for 16–year–olds to get some first–hand experience of driving on quiet and somewhat safer roads.

A moped with an engine size larger than 50cc but below 250cc would be classed as a scooter. They generally have a step–through frame which is an easy way to differentiate scooters from other motorcycles.

What do you need to drive a moped?

If you're a young or first time rider, you'll need to get a provisional driving license. You then need to pay for Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) that will provide you with a certificate of completion. If you're 16, this will allow you to ride a moped with a 50cc engine or less. If you are 17 or over, you'll be limited to a scooter or motorcycle up to 125cc.

Both must be ridden with L–plates displayed and appropriate clothing and helmet worn. The CBT will only last two years, so you must either retake the CBT, get a full moped or motorcycle licence or stop riding. If you decide you want to ditch those L plates, you can take a motorcycle theory, hazard perception test and a two–part practical test. This will also allow you to carry a pillion passenger.

Do you have to have insurance when riding a moped or scooter in the UK?

All vehicles used on roads in the UK must be taxed and insured, otherwise you're breaking the law. Third party insurance is the legal minimum cover required to drive in Britain.

Getting insurance on a moped before moving onto a car can be a great way to build up your no claims discount. Just be sure to double check this is transferable when you change vehicles.

What does moped and scooter insurance include?

First of all, there are three types of insurance to consider; third party, third party, fire & theft, and comprehensive.

Our third party moped insurance covers you for damage to other people's vehicles or property, but won't cover for damage to your moped. It also includes 90 days cover to ride your bike in other countries (mainly EU), and no claims discounts when you renew your policy.

Our third party, fire & theft cover includes everything mentioned above, plus cover for your own moped or scooter if it's damaged or lost due to fire or theft. You'll only be able to claim up to the market value of the bike, but — should your moped need replacing — so you don't need to worry about paying for a replacement yourself.

Lastly, we offer comprehensive scooter and moped insurance. This includes additional cover for damage to your moped in the event of an accident or vandalism. It also includes our uninsured driver promise — so you won't lose your no claims discount or pay any excess if the accident wasn't your fault.

How much is moped insurance?

There are a number of things taken into consideration when you're being quoted for moped insurance. The cost of the insurance depends on the your age, whether you have a full or provisional licence, the size of the engine, the policy type and in some cases where you live.

Added extras

At Hastings Direct we offer competitive price and our policies pack in plenty of added benefits.

Optional extras to our moped insurance include:

Helping to ensure you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.

Get the moped insurance that suits you best by getting a quote online or talking to one of our advisors. Full terms and conditions can be found in our policy documents.

Lower the cost of your scooter and moped insurance

As a young or new rider, you can often shoot yourself in the foot by going for the cheapest insurance on the market. This can leave you exposed to all manner of issues should you be unfortunate enough to be in an accident. There are a few ways you can lower the cost of your scooter and moped insurance that won't affect your cover:

  • Secure your moped when not in use (eg keep it in a garage)
  • Secure your moped when out and about with a tyre lock
  • Improve your riding with additional courses
  • Get a smaller engine moped or scooter
  • Decrease your mileage
  • Increase your excess

For more information about our scooter and moped insurance and what is covered, see our policy documents or take a look at our FAQs page.

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