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Insurance and motorbike safety tips

Make the most of your bike with safety and insurance tips to help you understand the different types of bike insurance available and protect yourself on the road.

Bike safety tips

Your safety on the roads should be your biggest priority - both when it comes to choosing bike insurance and practicing safe driving when using your bike. There are many safety tips drivers can use to avoid accidents and protect themselves in the event of a collision:

  • Don't ride if you are feeling tired. Motorbikes require concentration and can be physically demanding
  • Take an advanced riding course. This will help you to emphasise safety, understand the power of your bike and could result in an insurance premium discount
  • Take care on bends and be aware of road signs when you are driving your bike
  • Adjust your riding style. Take into account the weather and the conditions of the road before you set off on your bike
  • Don't take unnecessary risks on your bike. This includes overtaking when you can't see the road ahead and succumbing to peer pressure
  • Don't carry passengers unless your bike is fitted with the appropriate seating and you are an experienced rider
  • Carry out regular, thorough safety checks on your bike. This includes the frame, chain tension, wear, tyres, oil and fluid levels for brakes, coolant, lights and electrics

Wear appropriate protective clothing. A helmet is a legal requirement and an essential safety measure to protect you from head injuries. Boots can also provide protection from foot and ankle injuries and a high visibility jacket and trousers should also be worn in the dark.

Understanding your options for bike insurance

Bike insurance is a necessary step to ensuring your bike is road legal. Just like traditional car insurance, there are several forms of cover and measures you can take to make sure you put safety first and are getting the most out of your motorbike insurance premium.

  • Comprehensive. This is our top level of bike insurance cover. Our comprehensive bike insurance policy comes with more benefits as standard than third party and third party, fire, theft insurance
  • Third party, fire & theft insurance. This is the basic bike insurance policy. Riders will be covered in the event they are liable for damage to another person's vehicle or property, as well as if their vehicle is stolen, or destroyed by fire
  • Third party only. This is the minimum legal requirement and could be right for you if the value of your bike is quite low
  • No claims discount. Hastings Direct offers a discount for every year you do not claim, saving you money on your bike insurance premium. You can also protect your no claims discount with us when you have at least 4 years, giving you added security
  • Modifications. You must tell your insurer or broker if you make any changes to your bike. Often this will have no effect on insurance premiums but failing to inform could result in problems should you need to make a claim against your bike insurance policy
  • Riding courses. A training course can reduce your bike premium and improve your riding ability thanks to its focus on safety
  • Security. With so many bikes stolen every year in the UK, ensuring your bike's safety with a secure storage environment is an essential safety measure
  • Extras. Hastings Direct can offer you optional extras such as personal accident and breakdown cover so you can tailor your bike insurance cover to suit your needs
  • Mileage. You may be entitled to a discount if your bike does less than 3,000 miles a year
  • Garaging. You may also be entitled to an insurance discount if your bike is stored in a garage

Bike insurance

Tailor your cover to suit your needs and budget - leaving you free to enjoy the open road.

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