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Bike insurance guides

Motorbikes offer a convenient, fun and economical way to travel, whether you ride for practical reasons or for the sheer thrill of it – or perhaps both.

Bike advice

Whether you're a keen motorcyclist or a newbie who's just bought their first set of wheels, we've put together some useful guides for you on subjects ranging from safety to insurance and beginner advice.

Bike safety

Your safety should be your number one priority when on the road. This guide contains useful tips to help riders avoid accidents and protect themselves in the event of a collision.

Bike types

Struggling to figure out which type of bike is right for you? There are hundreds of models on the market, all with different specs, perks and rider experiences. Our guide includes a rundown of different bike types to help you pick the perfect machine.

How to get cheap bike insurance

Whether you're a newbie to the world of motorcycles or a seasoned rider, finding the right cover at an affordable price can be something of a challenge.

Guide to bike makes & models

Interested in the history of motorbike manufacturers? If so, be sure to take a look at our guide to bike makes and models.

Motorbike beginner's guide

If you're new to riding motorbikes, there's a lot of information you need to know before taking to the saddle. Our comprehensive guide will help you get started on the road.

The top 10 motorbike gadgets

Motorbike gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just about aesthetics, while others can actually make your everyday journeys easier and safer. Here are some of our favourite gadgets.

Motorbike Facts

  • British inventor Edward Butler is recognised as the person who coined the word "motorcycle" when he invented a three-wheeled petrol vehicle back in 1884.
  • Approximately eight motorbikes can fit into one car parking space.
  • In his autobiography, Hell's Angels founder Sonny Barger wrote that he actually prefers Japanese motorbikes to Harley-Davidsons.
  • Tyres on modern sports bikes don't actually contain any real rubber. The tread is made out of synthetic rubber, which offers a compromise between durability and traction.
  • Valentino Rossi knew he wanted to race motorbikes from the ripe age of five. But his dad – a former motorbike racer himself – was concerned for his safety so bought him a go-kart as a substitute. It didn't work, though.
  • Contrary to popular belief, actor Steve McQueen didn't carry out the famous 65ft motorbike jump in the film, The Great Escape. Riding the bike at the time was American Triumph dealer Bud Ekins – who did the jump in just one take.
  • The largest motorbike pyramid was formed on 5th July 2001 at the Gowri Shankar Parade Ground in the Indian state of Jabalpur. Balancing on 10 bikes, the pyramid of 201 men travelled a total 129 metres.
  • Vespa means "wasp" in Italian. As the story goes, Enrico Piaggio, son of the brand's founder Rinaldo, exclaimed "it resembles a wasp!" upon first laying eyes on the MP6.
  • The world's longest motorbike measures at 26.29m and was developed by Bharat Sinh Parmar from India. To make sure the bike performs like other models, Bharat rode the bike along a road for 100m without putting his feet on the ground.

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