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Spartan sprint aims to aid autism

14th August 2012

Clive clears fire pit for charity.

Clive clears fire pit for charity

Hastings Direct's Clive Raines has run the Spartan Sprint in aid of the company's charity partner of the year Families for Autism and raised over £700.

The "Spartan Sprint" is a real Gladiator style contest pitting man against the elements across a 5km cross country run with approximately 20 "obstacles" that are designed to challenge the competitor both mentally and physically.

This is more than just a regular assault course — although there are still plenty of barbed wire, mud and scramble nets to clear — the obstacles offer some Olympian challenges! These include everything from fighting Gladiator style with pugil sticks to clearing the fire pit jump, crawling through an ice filled pit and underneath an electrified fence — without being shocked too many times.

All the obstacles are marshalled and any competitor who does not complete it successfully is stopped and made to carry out a forfeit in the form of either 30 press-ups or 30 burpees.

The event was run in heats of approx. 250 people at a time with close to 2000 taking part on the day.

Clive Raines; "Although the race left me exhausted, very muddy, bleeding and in pain it was hugely enjoyable and very rewarding. The hours in the gym and out running and cycling were worth it and I am thrilled to have raised over £700 for this small but vital charity."

There are over half a million people with autism in the UK — it affects one in one hundred families. Families with Autism is a growing charity based in Eastbourne which offers support, advice and a voice to families with autistic children.

If you would like to donate to Families for Autism please visit its just giving page www.justgiving.com/familiesforautismltd/Donate

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