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School in record signing of I'd like to teach the world to sing

2nd February 2011

St Mary's Wrestwood Children's Trust to lead Bexhill in world record sign2sing challenge

WHEN: February 9th
WHERE: Main Auditorium, De La Warr
TIME: 2.45p.m.

St Mary's Wrestwood Children's Trust, a non-maintained special school in Bexhill will lead pupils from many local schools in a world record attempt to have the most number of people signing and singing the song I Would Like To Teach The World To Sing. Locally, the attempt will be held in the heart of Bexhill at the De La Warr auditorium on Wednesday February 9th at 2.45p.m. The song was a hit single for The New Seekers in the 1970s.

Nationally it is estimated that over 50,000 children will be participating in this world record challenge. Currently the world record for the most people signing and singing at the same time is 13,418 people. The challenge has been organised as 2011 is the National Year of Communication.

St Mary's is a non-maintained special school for pupils aged 7-19 with speech, language and social communication difficulties, and other, often complex learning difficulties.

Sign language tutor, Rachael Gildersleeve, from the school has been in contact with local schools including St Mary Magdalene's, Glyne Gap and St Richard's to arrange teaching their pupils and staff to sign I Would Like To Teach The World To Sing so that they can join the pupils and staff from St Mary's in attempting to beat the world record challenge.

Adults are allowed to participate as long as they too sign and sing. St Mary's is the charity of the year for Bexhill's largest employer, Hastings Direct and staff at the brokers have been working hard with the tutor and pupils from St Mary's to learn the song in time for the challenge.

Gail Pilling, CEO,St Mary's Wrestwood Children's Trust: "I am delighted that St Mary's is taking a lead in Bexhill highlighting the needs of children with communication difficulties. Signing is an excellent support for many of St Mary's children. By supporting this event a whole community is coming together to celebrate communication and to acknowledge that for some communication is very difficult. Many of Hastings Direct staff are learning to sign and are not only supporting us with this event, but in many other ways throughout the year."

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